Saturday, May 10

Day 3

Spent just a few short minutes at the pupping site yesterday. Just had to go out and see the new one before he/she out grows their black onies!! Such a sweetie and momma is doing a great job of keeping the pesky males at bay.  
Stanely and Murphy asked how big the pup was....well, at birth they are 25-30 lbs. in the next 5-7 weeks I will be sharing photos of their rapid growth. You won't believe the change they make. 


  1. Bright eyed and full of beans just like a puppy I'm sure!

    Looking forward to following this young one's progress in pictures.

  2. Such beautiful photo's keep them coming :-)
    We have seals along our coast, but you have to be eagle eyed to spot them at times.
    :-) X X X

  3. Those are some nice shots Val. Considering how black the pup is I think you're doing a great job.


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