Monday, May 5

Computer crashed.....

It's going to happen, it always does, you just don't know when.....I am working on putting the pieces together ( fortunately I had all my photos backed up). It's the rest of the stuff that I gotta glue back together. 
I leave you with this photo of the under belly of the Hanalei Pier. 


  1. That would make a cool Facebook header
    Lily & Edward

  2. oh noooo not computer woes... hope you get it all fixed up soon. love the shot

  3. That is a great photo!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Nice picture! Hope all goes well getting your computer all glued back together again...

  5. That is an amazing photo! Wow.

    So sorry about the computer...

  6. First your camera craps out and now your computer, I thought life in paradise was supposed to be stress free! LOL

    Nice shot below the pier.

  7. Sorry to hear your computer is behaving badly... but your photo is great! :)

  8. Oh, no! Hope you are able to save everything and put it all back together!

  9. I agree. Computer crashes tend to happen unexpectedly. It’s a relief that you backed-up all of your photos beforehand. Just thinking of losing all my files is already giving me an headache, especially the work-related files that are in my laptop. I’m glad that it didn’t happen to you.

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

  10. There's a sense of inevitability to computer crashes that really makes them harrowing. They are machines and machines have shelf lives. However, you can prolong them, by rewiring them or replacing their parts. You should be able to go past that phase, if you haven't already.

    Luther Knight @ NWA Cell Phone Repair

  11. That’s true. Computers can crash unexpectedly. While you can probably see some telltale signs, it's still usually quite sudden. Thankfully, there’s a way everyone can prepare for this situation. And having a reliable backup system is just one of those solutions. At the very least, you won't have to worry about your files, even if your computer gives up the ghost. Anyway, I hope everything more or less got back to normal soon after.

    Lillian Walker @ TaylorWorks


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