Saturday, February 8

The Saturday Photo Hunt---Intricate!!

This weeks theme for  The Saturday Photo Hunt was "intricate"
My first thought was
Sea Shells
Some are very ornate, some very simple, large, small, some broken, some whole,
 they all have their own story.
But then.....
I was out on monk seal patrol yesterday and found this
 seems that this hen has far too many legs....
 Had I stumbled onto a rare chicken species?!?!?
No rare species here,  just momma hen protecting her brood from the rain.
nature really does do "intricate" the best!!
Next week is
join us!!

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  1. LOL, oh, that was great! A rare millipede-chicken! :)
    The shells are perfect for "intricate"!

  2. i can't stop smiling, that old mother hen is adorable love it love it love it... i like the round shell with all the circles.

  3. That chicken is fantastic, what a marvelous sighting!! Thanks for sharing it. Love the shells too :)

  4. She's doing a wonderful job.

    Love the shells.

  5. Really like the shells picture but that last picture of the millipede chicken is priceless!

  6. That chicken photo had us going for a minute there!

  7. What a great photo!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Great shots Val! The chicken is funny. You did a really nice job on the seashells!

  9. Haha - that is a great chicken photo.

    Monty and Harlow

  10. I love this "many footed" hen!


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