Friday, February 14

{See Beautiful} 10,000 ways.....

Happy Valentine's Day
to all our family and friends.

here we are out on seal patrol

 Since its the 2nd Friday of the month, you know that means it's time for our {See Beautiful} post.  You all know that besides me and Schatzie, mom's other passion is the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.  One of the reasons she's not posting  much is cuz she's been out on the shores monitoring these amazing critters. Last week mom and Monk Seal Mary had some very special help from a couple tiny visitors. We just think it's awesome that the kiddos LOVE hearing about and helping protect our seals. Kids are cool!!!!
 Here's our special little friends, Kelly and Cassidy from Canada helping Monk Seal Mary erect a SPZ (seal protection zone)  The girls were so excited and  kept checking back every hour to make sure seal K13 was safe and resting comfortably. We think this was just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Our friends over at {See Beautiful} are doing a special activity for children in a homeless shelter called St. Anne's  in Utah. They are trying to gather  10,000 children's books for the shelters library. Books are a wonderful way for us all to experience the world.  We hope that maybe you might join the cause and either purchase something from the {See Beautiful} site (if you do, they will donate one NEW book to the shelter) AMAZING!!!! or you can just send a book(s) to our friend Goose's  MOM (she works/volunteers at this shelter). Did you know this shelter even allows homeless folks to bring their four legged friends with them. WOW!! Here's some more info about how to help.

Either way, you'll need the following information: (following information taken from {SEE Beautiful Site}
  • Children from birth-12th grade receive services from St. Anne's - so books for any of these ages is perfect.
  • New books are ideal, but slightly used books would be great too!
  • Ship all books "media mail" as it's incredibly cheap to ship!
  • Ship all books to the following address throughout the month of Feb (if your book drive ends the end of Feb, that's okay. If you can ship them by the first week of March that will be great):
St. Anne's CenterATTN: Pastor Michelle Perry137 W Binford AveOgden, UT 84401

So how about it????    What a great way to See Beautiful!!  We're off to get some books!!

Have a great Friday.

the Girlz


  1. the pic of the two of you on patrol is worth 10,000 books, hope they get that and more.

  2. Hi Val and girlz, The helpers are so precious and I can understand their excitement with helping. The weather looks perfect-can't wait to enjoy it too.
    Happy Valentine's Day Val!
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you :)

  4. I think I would love to be on seal patrol. You are doing wonderful things. And THANK YOU for helping spread the word and beautiful about the books. MOM just bought a book last week about seals for the library, how cool is that?

  5. Thank you for protecting the monk seals. They are one of my favorite animals. And thank you for educating the little helpers so they can spread the word too.

  6. Cute doggies! It is so nice that you are helping to protect the seals. Great post, happy weekend!


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