Thursday, February 27

A seal, a honu and a pair of albatross....

One of my favorite activities on this island is hiking. Today I packed up the backpack and headed to the beach in hopes of seeing Hawaiian Monk Seals!! Well, I did see "a" seal, in fact I saw him three different times in three different locations. I was just sad there wasn't more than one.

 This is RK05, an adult male seal. What you see on his back is a cell phone tag. It records his activity and will fall off in a short time. He was also equipped with a Critter Cam about a month ago. That has been removed and data is being processed. Can't wait to see the footage.
P.s. check out his curly whisker!!!

Next, I came upon this HONU snoozing on the beach. They say you can tell the sex of these turtles by the size of their tails. I need to do some more research concerning this.

Lastly, this was one of more than a dozen pair of Laysan Albatross (that I saw) that are now nesting on the north shore of Kauai. They spend most of their life out to sea and only come ashore to nest.

So there you have it, a seal, a honu and a pair of albatross!!

Friday, February 21

Saturday Photo Hunt....amber

This week's Saturday Photo Hunt theme was  "amber".  Must admit I had to go to the archives for these shots. The weather here on Kauai hasn't cooperated  the past week or so for capturing desired photos. Its been a bit soggy to say the least!!
  Anyhow, one of the things I loved about our farm back in Nebraska was
the ability to cruise around the property and snap, snap, snap.
presenting "amber" waves of grain--Nebraska style.

Next week's theme is Boogie....join us!!
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I'm a frog.....

We've had so much rain lately I'm turning into a frog!!

Happy Aloha Friday!!

Friday, February 14

{See Beautiful} 10,000 ways.....

Happy Valentine's Day
to all our family and friends.

here we are out on seal patrol

 Since its the 2nd Friday of the month, you know that means it's time for our {See Beautiful} post.  You all know that besides me and Schatzie, mom's other passion is the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.  One of the reasons she's not posting  much is cuz she's been out on the shores monitoring these amazing critters. Last week mom and Monk Seal Mary had some very special help from a couple tiny visitors. We just think it's awesome that the kiddos LOVE hearing about and helping protect our seals. Kids are cool!!!!
 Here's our special little friends, Kelly and Cassidy from Canada helping Monk Seal Mary erect a SPZ (seal protection zone)  The girls were so excited and  kept checking back every hour to make sure seal K13 was safe and resting comfortably. We think this was just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Our friends over at {See Beautiful} are doing a special activity for children in a homeless shelter called St. Anne's  in Utah. They are trying to gather  10,000 children's books for the shelters library. Books are a wonderful way for us all to experience the world.  We hope that maybe you might join the cause and either purchase something from the {See Beautiful} site (if you do, they will donate one NEW book to the shelter) AMAZING!!!! or you can just send a book(s) to our friend Goose's  MOM (she works/volunteers at this shelter). Did you know this shelter even allows homeless folks to bring their four legged friends with them. WOW!! Here's some more info about how to help.

Either way, you'll need the following information: (following information taken from {SEE Beautiful Site}
  • Children from birth-12th grade receive services from St. Anne's - so books for any of these ages is perfect.
  • New books are ideal, but slightly used books would be great too!
  • Ship all books "media mail" as it's incredibly cheap to ship!
  • Ship all books to the following address throughout the month of Feb (if your book drive ends the end of Feb, that's okay. If you can ship them by the first week of March that will be great):
St. Anne's CenterATTN: Pastor Michelle Perry137 W Binford AveOgden, UT 84401

So how about it????    What a great way to See Beautiful!!  We're off to get some books!!

Have a great Friday.

the Girlz

Saturday, February 8

The Saturday Photo Hunt---Intricate!!

This weeks theme for  The Saturday Photo Hunt was "intricate"
My first thought was
Sea Shells
Some are very ornate, some very simple, large, small, some broken, some whole,
 they all have their own story.
But then.....
I was out on monk seal patrol yesterday and found this
 seems that this hen has far too many legs....
 Had I stumbled onto a rare chicken species?!?!?
No rare species here,  just momma hen protecting her brood from the rain.
nature really does do "intricate" the best!!
Next week is
join us!!

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Monday, February 3

Todays SNAP.....

Gotta love when you find this stuff on the beach...means someone was having fun. 
Happy Monday!!

Sunday, February 2

The Saturday Photo Hunt--Bridges

Today I'm linking to Saturday Photo Hunt, I know, I know I'm a day late!!
The theme of the week was "Bridge". Now the following photos are not technically of a bridge in the ordinary sense, but I think this pineapple dumping pier resembles a bridge. Hope you enjoy the shots and the brief story.
When one thinks of Hawaii pineapple probably comes to mind.
Just north of where we live you will find the Kauai Pineapple Dump Pavilion (it's located on the Coconut Coast Path). Years ago, this was where the Hawaiian Canneries Company would dump their pineapple waste. The waste was hauled from the cannery by rail from Kapa`a to the end of this concrete pier and dumped into the ocean.  Unfortunately the  waste would travel several miles back to Kapa`a and attract fish and sharks :( not to mention the odor of decaying pineapple. 
 Would you consider that the circle of life?!?!?

It does make for an interesting photo stop and I think it would be a great spot for a movie scene!!

Please join us for Saturday Photo weeks theme is "intricate"