Thursday, November 14

While we take a nap...

For the past few days mom has been getting us up early to watch the sunrises and long unleashed walks. When she is all done with her chores we allow her to go exploring while we take much needed naps. So here's some more photos that she took yesterday while visiting the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse.


 52 feet tall and it has a basement

The refuge is home to albatross and a number of other sea birds. If you look closely you will see white spots in the middle of the above photo. Those spots are actually albatross that have just returned from Alaska. In the near future the mating pairs will prepare nests for their new families.
This is a wedge tail shearwater chick. It still has down,
so it will be a short time til it's time to FLY!!
 This little guy (wedge tail shearwater) is ready for his
 first flight, which should be any day.

For more information on the lighthouse
Happy Thursday!!


  1. What a beautiful spot. There is something so beautiful about a lighthouse, especially one in Hawaii!

  2. sweet that she takes care of you first! :)

  3. That lighthouse has so many photo opportunities. I'm glad you're getting out and exploring. 56 more days and I will be exploring hte land of aloha myself.

  4. Moms coworker was just talking about retiring to the Kona area. Nothing better than Hawaii

  5. We love this place. The lighthouse was being renovated when we were there but the birdwatching and scenery were unbeatable. we spent the whole afternoon. love your photos of the chicks.

  6. This would be a wonderful exploring place! But I might accidentally chase the birds.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. sounds like wonderful mornings! what a beautiful area. thanks for sharing! :)

  8. What a beautiful place to go for walks! Nice group of pictures!


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