Friday, November 29

Black Friday...

I told them not to go, the crowds would be big, the lines would be long, parking would be a nightmare. Did they listen??? 
Exploring the Wailua River
 Look out, here comes the crowd

Look at them all lined up
kayaks all up and down the river

 the parking lot was jammed.
Peeps everywhere, but it's oaky it's a big river!!

Even with my warning they went anyway. Yes, up the river with a paddle!!
Bet you thought they went shopping didn't you. LOL
It was a beautiful morning on the Wailua River. They paddled 4 miles round trip. Mom said the last 1/2 mile was into the wind--so she's one pooped pup.  Next time they go they'll take their shoes and hike to Secret Falls.
Hope you had a great Black Friday.

Thursday, November 28

Twas the day before Thanksgiving....

Twas the day before Thanksgiving and guess what??
I didn't have to wear any of those hats, but...
Schatzie and I were subjected to baths, pedicures and an ear cleaning. Mom said something about us smelling like dogs. Hello Mom, we are dogs!!
Once we were finished getting all pretty mom put us out on the lanai to warm up and then she left us.
Yes, left us!!
She went exploring. She'd gotten a message about helping to get some derelict fishing nets off the beach, so off she went. She does that stuff so our marine mammal friends don't
get entangled in the nets.
after the net cleanup she went to the Northeast shore of our island.
If you look really close at the above photo (just above the center of the photo)
you might be able to see the
 Kilauea Light House.
 Here you see Gary, another monk seal volunteer mom caught up with, he's checking out RN44.
Can you find the seal?? 

 How about this...hey mom, zoom in so they can see it
 a  beautiful arch
Mom found this Hono, (that means turtle). Isn't she a beauty!!
Gary says she usually hauls out with her bo, but not today :(
 Here's K.C. or as the scientist call her RK28
just enjoying a snooze on the beach.
 Mom also saw a couple whales ( she didn't get any photos) they were a bit too far out to get good shots so she just used her binoculars and watched the show.
According to her, they saw a number of pectoral slaps and 6 breaches. These were the first whales mom has observed this season.
 t'was the day before Thanksgiving...
Mom saw 3 seals, 1 turtle, her first whales of the season and we got baths!!
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!
Gracie and family

Tuesday, November 26

Someone STOP the Madness....

Yesterday was the blue hat, today it's the green one!!
Someone please stop this crazy hat madness.
Do I look cold???
I'm going to need therapy

 or at least 87 million treats for putting up with these hats!!
what do you think???

Monday, November 25

Mom, did you forget we live in Hawaii???

Last week when poppy visited our farm  mom had him find and bring back our stocking hats.
I told mom that it's plenty warm here in Hawaii and we no longer needed them.
She seemed to have other ideas.
 don't laugh
 I'm trying to look pitiful.
 is it working??
 I've had just about enough of this
 it's coming off
there, free at last!!
good grief mom we live in paradise.
We don't need no stinking  hats!!

Tuesday, November 19

Just being pretty...

I know I don't give my sissy enough blog time, so today I thought I'd share this pretty picture of her and her beautiful orchid flower. 


Sunday, November 17

A Nebraska Sunset...

Poppy visited our farm for a couple days last week while he was on the mainland for a dental conference. Look at this great sunset photo he took.  We think it's just beautiful and makes us miss all the freedoms we had on the farm, but we aren't missing those cold temps or those pesky skunks. 

 Have a beautiful week!

Love, Gracie

Saturday, November 16

I'll give you ONE guess.....

Christmas Card Photo Shoot.
 I'm exhausted, but the treats are pretty tasty.
 Guess I will continue to work under these horrible conditions.
38 days til Christmas!!

Friday, November 15

Chick magnet???

After our morning walk today, mom took us to a scenic lookout where monk seal are often found snoozing on the rocks. When we pulled up all these chickens came running up to the car. I told mom our car must be a "chick" magnet. BOL

Thursday, November 14

While we take a nap...

For the past few days mom has been getting us up early to watch the sunrises and long unleashed walks. When she is all done with her chores we allow her to go exploring while we take much needed naps. So here's some more photos that she took yesterday while visiting the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse.


 52 feet tall and it has a basement

The refuge is home to albatross and a number of other sea birds. If you look closely you will see white spots in the middle of the above photo. Those spots are actually albatross that have just returned from Alaska. In the near future the mating pairs will prepare nests for their new families.
This is a wedge tail shearwater chick. It still has down,
so it will be a short time til it's time to FLY!!
 This little guy (wedge tail shearwater) is ready for his
 first flight, which should be any day.

For more information on the lighthouse
Happy Thursday!!

Monday, November 11

Celebrating my 8th Gotcha Day...

 Eight years ago I was a 4 month old pup on death row in Kansas. Nobody wanted me...I was scheduled to be euthanized. My mom saw my photos just in time and the rest is history. I am one happy pup, living the good life and so thankful.   Mahalos sent to my aunties Faith, Allison and Karen for posting my photos on and seeing that I didn't meet death without feeling the love of a family.  I am one  spoiled  lucky pup and I plan to be with my peeps for 87 more years.

Forever grateful,
Gracie   :)

Friday, November 8

Poor Penguin...

Remember a couple months ago when Schatzie put "baby" in the toilet??? Today we found her favorite "Penguin" floating in her water bowl. What's with this dog???

Shaking my head........Gracie

Wednesday, November 6


Sometimes my mom just likes to about you??
 This was a lovely father-daughter pair. He was 91, didn't ask her age.
They were  enjoying beach combing. 

 This young woman was 9 months pregnant and participating in a pregnancy photo shoot.
Do you see the monk seal on the beach just above her belly??!?!?
 Just like the balance in this shot...
 must be how the little crabs see the palm trees.
 friends waiting for the sunset...

someday...someday this will be my mom.
Mom's  favorite...
Happy Hump Day!!!
gracie :)
Do you sometimes just CLICK???