Thursday, October 31


Happy Halloween

In case you can't figure it out...Schatzie is a red hot devil and yes, I'm a giraffe!!
We should have known something was up when mom took us to the Dog Park!
She was just buttering us up for this photo shoot.
Oh well, we got LOTS of Iams treats.
Speaking of Iams Treats, today is the last day to enter for our Iams treats giveaway.

CLICK HERE for more info.
We're going to draw the 2 winners after all the Trick or Treaters have gone to bed.
Happy Halloween to you all.
Gracie :)

Wednesday, October 30

Try a different Angle...

Even monk seals know that sometimes you  need to try things from a different angle!!


Starring V18, a 7 yr old male monk seal from Kauai.
In actuality, V18 was in full male cruiser mode and trying his best to impress an older female seal that was resting on shore. She wanted nothing to do with him. It's probably due to the fact that she's already pregnant and just wanted some peace and quiet.
Poor guy tried for about an hour and then moved on.
Gracie will be back tomorrow.
Val :)

Monday, October 28

Board Meeting...

Yesterday my mom said she and poppy were going to a board meeting...sounds fishy to me!!
What do you think??
 The Board Meeting
 Resting after paddling in Hanalei Bay
 The St. Regis as viewed from Hanalei Bay
Paddling the Hanalei River
 yep, that was some board meeting!!
be sure to check out yesterday's post
You could win some yummy Iams Shakeable Treats
P.S. Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE Aunty.
Happy Birthday Brenda!!

Sunday, October 27

No Tricks....Just Yummy Treats!!!

Yesterday I shared the #shakeitforward video and I sure hope that you got a chance to watch it. It still cracks me up and didn't I tell ya that the "star" of the video looks just like my sister (except that Schatzie's a girl!!!!) Okay, let me get to the meat of this post---get it, MEAT!!!
A few weeks ago our friends at Iams asked if we would like to participate in taste testing and reviewing their new treats called "Shakeables" well duh, that's a no brainer, bring on the treats.
We had to wait just a couple of days and we found this box with paws on it sitting on our lanai. Check it out!!
mom it sure smells good in there... can ya please help me get it open.
Hey, this is just the plastic packing stuff, where's the goods??
Okay mom, bust open the can
Judge #1--I'll eat anything
Judge #2--picky, picky picky
We received the turkey  Shakeables. They are soft and chewy and yes we do gobble them up. The treats are about an inch square and mom finds them a perfect reward as she clips our nails. She breaks them into 4 pieces and we get a bite after every paw has been trimmed. I would prefer she'd give us a whole bite, but you know us girlz have got to watch our waistlines!! BOL 
Treat Ingredients: Wheat flour, glycerin, turkey, poultry fat, natural flavors, water, caramel, phosphoric acid, potassium sorbate( a preservative) and dried parsley.
Gracie would you like another treat??
  BOL...Schatzie photo bombed me and got MY treat!! She really likes these SHAKEABES!!

Now seeing Schatzie come a running for treats is very unusual cuz she's kinda picky and treats just aren't important to her---what can I say, she's kinda goofy!!
 So these must be good!!
So these two judges are giving the Turkey Shakeables 4 paws up!!
I guess you could say we're the turkey types!! BOL....
 Now I told you that I was going to be giving a Shakeable coupon away to a lucky reader.
 So here's what you have to get your peeps to do....
Make a comment in the comment section on our blog stating the following, the word SHAKEABLE,  your pups name(s) and which favor Shakeables you'd want to try.
Remember there's Chicken, Turkey and lamb.
p.s. EVERY pup name will be entered into our drawing. So you have til October 31 to enter 
  Hey, that's trick or treat day!!! 
One more surprise, we actually have 2 coupons to give away, that means 2 of you will be receiving a coupons to do your own taste test.
No tricks here, just yummy Shakeable Treats!!
Disclosure: I received this product and coupon for a giveaway for free from Iams in exchange for doing this product review. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

We'd also like to thanks Pam and Oskar at Pet Blog United for allowing us this opportunity.  Last but not least, many licks go to  BEV at Iams (she's the Iams Community Manager) for sending us the yummy treats and coupons. We can hardly wait to get more and Aunty Bev we did find them here in Kauai just last week so we are HAPPY,HAPPY, HAPPY pups. Thank you!!

Love, Gracie and Schatzie
aka the Turkey Types
what are you waiting for??? Start typing!!

Saturday, October 26

Punk'd Puppy

OMD, you have got to watch this very funny video (reminds me of my sister Schatzie) about a new treat from Iams called Shakeables. Tomorrow we will share how YOU can get some of these yummies for your pup. Be sure to watch the WHOLE video. For every view and hash tag share Iams is going to donate up to 250,000 bowls of kibble to various selected animal shelters around the country. Now I call that a WIN, get to giggle and kibble goes to the animals.

Are you the turkey type....BOL

Come back tomorrow, cuz Iams gave ME some treats to share with one of my lucky readers!!

Love, Gracie

Friday, October 25

Our first trip to the DOG PARK....

We had to leave our house for a few hours on Wednesday so the bug man could come and spray ( we have a horrible problem with ANTS). So Mom took us to the dog park!! This park is maintained by the Kauai Humane Society and it is a beautiful facility. The only problem is that it's a good 45 minute drive (when the traffic is good) Mom doesn't like to take us without poppy cuz she's just a bit afraid of other dogs since I was attacked on Molokai...guess there's some things you just never get over. Anyhow, back to the park.
When we arrived we were the only pups guessed we had a good 2 acres to RUN, nothing like the farm, but it was fun to stretch our legs and OMD the p-mail was  abundant.  
 Check out the ocean but the mountains in the distance were just beautiful.
Schatzie explored here one of the 4 gazebos

There were 2 swimming pools (Schatzie felt right at home)

We sat and watched the little dogs play over there by those shrubs
in the center of the photo.
The little ones had their own play area :)

Hey mom, there are some great pee-mails here, I can honestly say I don't know any of these dogs!!

 The grass was...can we say
 Mom this place is awesome!!
 Come on Schatzie ---see if you can catch me!!! BOL
This was a terrific outing and we can hardly wait til the bug man comes again.
Gracie :)

Thursday, October 24

Move Over're too slow!!

Gracie here and I've taken over this blog. It seems my mom is just taking too long to post and that my friends is just unacceptable. This behavior has been building for the past few weeks. She's been taking photos but not posting them for all of our readers to view. This situation came to a head a few days ago while we were out for our daily walk about...I will let the photos tell the story.

One of our favorite spots to walk is to the Spalding Monument.
Here we are allowed to be off leash. Free to RUN and investigate recent P-mail.
We love this adventure.
 Schatzie enjoys a dip in the creek, me not so much!!

See how the pack keeps moving....yes, moving!!
Where's MOM??? 
come on mom, pick up the pace...
She's so slow!!!
 She kinda reminds me of a SNAIL!!!
I'll be back tomorrow. It's time to get this blog back on track!!
Love, Gracie

Sunday, October 13

Cowabunga Dude....

Yesterday we headed to Hanalei Bay to try out my new standup paddle board and ended up surfing our first waves. Well, I should say my hubby rode his first wave--you know...Hang Ten!!  The smile on his face was priceless and it will be etched in my mind forever....pure excitement and joy!!
Ron with Hanalei Bay in the background...
Cowabunga Dude!!

Wednesday, October 9

Tuesday, October 8

The Coconut Festival...

One of my favorite things about living here is being exposed to all the
 various cultural events and activities.
  My first Coconut Festival...

the coconuts--the stars of the festival
 Tongan Dancers
 Of course there was a  Coconut Cream Pie eating contest
 a pie in the face
 Kap Te`o Taifiti

 Kap weaving a basket
 making fire...
 he made fire  in like 20 seconds....I want him on my deserted island!!
 Throwing fire...

 throwing knives with fire!!
 Preparing to climb a 40 ft coconut tree.
 Nice view from up there (so he said:)

Here's a few coconut facts
Coconut trees produce fruit for 75 years and can produce 50 coconuts a year
the Hawaiian word for coconut is "Nui"
Early Spanish explorers called it coco, which means 'monkey face" because of the 3 indentations
(eyes) on the hairy nut resembles the head and face of a monkey.
Want to welcome Miss Melinda from Texas--my 100th follower!!
and of course many thanks to all my followers, you guys keep me blogging.