Wednesday, October 30

Try a different Angle...

Even monk seals know that sometimes you  need to try things from a different angle!!


Starring V18, a 7 yr old male monk seal from Kauai.
In actuality, V18 was in full male cruiser mode and trying his best to impress an older female seal that was resting on shore. She wanted nothing to do with him. It's probably due to the fact that she's already pregnant and just wanted some peace and quiet.
Poor guy tried for about an hour and then moved on.
Gracie will be back tomorrow.
Val :)


  1. these photos just make my heart MELT.... so sweet so precious

  2. He definitely has cute down to a science, nice group of pictures!

  3. I wanna swim with him!!

    Your Pals Who Get To Pass Out Candy Tomorrow,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. They are so cute... it's fun to learn about them. Thanks!

  5. Nothing like playing in the Hawaiian waters, even for a seal!


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