Saturday, June 1

Come on's time to Rise and Shine...

We are K9 Kampers!! 

We're joining Peggy's Pet Place and Kol for K9 Kamp. 
Kamp runs from May 31-June 21
and we are challenged to "Get Fit". 
You can run over to there places to get all the details. 

As you know Schatzie and I are pretty fit, but it takes hard work. With our upcoming move to Hawaii we need to continue to hit the trails here on the ranch so we are swimsuit ready!!  

So here's how the first day of Kamp went....

0600---the sun is calling us
To RISE and SHINE!!!
 Mom...we're waiting, hurry up and get your shoes on!!

 We're off...this would be the first of two major walks.
approx. 40 minutes each :)

Schatzie is posing with mom, I'm in the deep grass.

 Schatzie's favorite activity...SWIMMING

 She doesn't even need a towel....

 Look at my feet... they are MUDDY!!
So.... I guess today was really a MUD RUN.
 When you are finished....demand, I mean ask your mom for 
a deep muscle massage in the sunshine.

 Time for chow...
it's important to get a good quality kibble and be given appropriate amounts.

Good thing we got up early...cuz I don't think 
we're going to see much more sunshine today.


  1. Oh man, being fit does take a lot of hard work!! I love to swim also. Have a fun weekend!

    1. Schatzie loves to swim, Gracie is getting better but no where near the swimmer that Schatzie is.... :)

  2. I know Hawaii is gorgeous, but you have such a beautiful home, and trails! Will you return to your current home one day, or is the move to Hawaii permanent?

    1. We are keeping our farm as we don't know how long we will be in Hawaii. It could be a couple of years or longer. Time will tell.
      We do love our farm and the freedoms we have on it, but gotta say there are some awesome places to hike and explore on Kauai and we look forward to the new adventure. :)

  3. OK - enough blog reading for this morning - c'mon mom! Let's GO!!


  4. no better walking companions in the world!

  5. Good start on Kamp and good cross training, running, swimming, walking. Well done! Thanks for joining the Hop!

  6. well your first day went well, and i am praying the storms will stay far away from you... you will be totally ready for your bathing suit...

  7. Beautiful pictures!

    We are having an early heat wave. It's 94 right now....unfortunately that kills going for a walk. It's hard to get in enough walking in the summer time, it's just too hot!

  8. Gorgeous photos and looks like you did you walk at the perfect time too!!

  9. I was up and at them early this morning too. We went way up in the mountains and had a GREAT long hours and hours hike. I am typing this in my sleep right now. I love your walk photos. Looks like a very good time.

  10. We find that staying fit isn't really work but rather a time commitment. First thing in the morning is ideal as it gets the blood flowing, there are no excuses and you are ready for the day. I bet in HI it will be fun because you have so many new places to explore and discover. Just hope it is dog friendly there.

  11. Gorgeous pics! Yes, a post workout massage is always lovely! That's how the pros do it, and obviously you girlz are pros at this stuff! Looking forward to camping with you!

  12. Good job girls, keep up the good work!!

  13. Great photo re-cap of the day! Who doesn't want a massage after working out ?! lol


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