Thursday, May 30

A Little bit of this and a lot of ......RAIN!!!

We're trying something new today and joining our friends at 2browndawgs for This and That Thursday.  Thanks for hosting this blog hop guys and I hope we do this correctly.

This 'N That 3

We haven't posted much this week for 2 reasons
1. Mom was busy completing all of the necessary paperwork to get me and Schatzie legally entered into the State of Hawaii.
Mission Accomplished... documentation (the flat package, the other stuff is for poppy :)  was mailed on tuesday, now we just have to wait to be approved, they cash the check and we are  issued our Kauai island permit.

reason #2

Rain and lots of it....for the past 5 days we've had lots of wonderful rain, but with the rain comes internet issues. We have satellite service, so when the cloud ceiling is high we don't have reception.  So mom tried to do a few posts she was  ready to push the Publish button and wham the connection was lost...

 Along with the rain came some hail...fortunately it wasn't the
 softball sized hail they had in other parts of Nebraska. 

Mom hasn't made us wear our boots, cuz frankly with all this moisture it wouldn't help.
**note mom has her boots on though, not nearly as cute as our purple paws!!

Remember our swing shot from a few weeks back??
Same swing, same pond just full of water now!!

This is another one of our ponds. Until the rains began Schatzie was able to wade across this wade across, now she has to SWIM...this makes for a happy German Shepherd.

 This shot has nothing to do with the rain, 
but this guy is one of 6 orioles that are eating us out of oranges and grape jelly.

 Just a little something to make you giggle....
This is a sign outside a near by vet clinic (not Dr. Julie's) June they have a 
"Neuter Special" for Father's Day!! 
Cracks me up.

 Finally with a break in the rain, Schatzie enjoyed breakfast 
on her lounger and proceeded to conk out.
 Mom said something about taking us to K9kamp tomorrow...wonder what that means.
Love, Gracie


  1. i love the 'breakfast in bed' shot at the end!

    yay for good rain, but yuck on the hail!

  2. ORIOLE! Great shot - we know how elusive they can be!
    Schatzie - you're a girl after my own heart!
    PS: I mean with the "breakfast in bed" thing, not the (shudder) water.

  3. I agree, your paws are far cutie than Mom's boots :D Those are some mighty big hail stones.

  4. i agree with Teresa, the breakfast in bed slays me... that is a lot of water and I have never even seen hail, those look really big to me.

  5. WooHoo, congrats on finally finishing all that arduous paperwork!! :-D Only a bit longer before you are frolicking on the beaches!! ;-) Wow, day I'd like to visit too! Hehehe, I love Schatzie's idea of eating breakfast...nice skills!!

  6. Breakfast in style!! Rain, love the swing shot, and paperwork, so glad it is all done. Cheers, jean.

  7. Hi there, So glad all the paperwork for the girlz is off to the Islands. Yippee! I know the farmers need the rain and I'm glad your hail is so small-I always worry when it is big(I start watching the sky). I'm wondering what you'll miss most when you head back to Paradise? Love your Orioles; right now I have Grackles in the yard-which I don't like, so they can just fly away.
    Have a great afternoon.
    Love, Noreen

  8. Now that's the good life! A nap after breakfast!

  9. Schatzie on her lounge chair cracks me up! So cute.

  10. That's a big move you're there's been a lot of work to get ready and I'm sure you're happy to get that paperwork out of the way

  11. Love that last shot of Shatzie! So cute!!!

  12. That spay sign is too Funny! Ad look at that hail! Wow!

  13. Thanks so much for participating in TNT!

    We have been getting rain everyday right when we finish work and want to train. After last year's drought we like seeing the rain, but not at 5pm. The ponds around here are nice and full so that is good. :) That is some crazy hail you got. Love that last picture. :)

  14. Cute sign but that last pix is priceless!! Love it!

  15. I love all the rain and hail, but am glad you didn't get the really big stuff. That last shot of Schatzie snoozing is precious.

  16. We are drowning in rain here too! Some sunny warm days would sure be nice! Once you are in HI, it will be nice, usually just rain in the morning and then wonderful weather!

  17. It looks like she's ready to have that chair on the beach! I think Mother Nature is trying to prepare you for you move to Kaua'i with all of the rain.

  18. Ah, typical - submit the paperwork and wait for them to cash the cheque. Sheesh. Are you getting excited? I sure would be!

  19. The Mother's and Father's day specials made me giggle too! I'm glad that the girls are legal for your big move! And I hope that the sun shines through for you so you can have fun outside and get that satellite internet working (we have the satellite too and similar crazy issues).

  20. Oh, that last pic is so cute! And what a beautiful oriole!

    Exciting that your paperwork is all done!

  21. OK, I hope y'all have dried out some by now!!!

  22. The weather is crazy, I hope you guys got a break.


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