Friday, May 24

Follow up visit with Dr. Julie...

We're looking and feeling GOOD!!
The Girlz had a follow up visit with Dr. Julie the week before last. Dr. Julie wanted to check on their knee and hip issues and update them on all their vaccinations and kennel cough application (so they could go to daycare while I went to Florida.

The Scale---
Gracie (yellow lab mix) has lost 1 lb. current weight is 62 lbs
I really thought Gracie had lost more since I noticed a definite change in her waistline, she now looks really "lean and mean" :) I have also noticed more bounce in her step and well she is just back to her sassy self.
I changed her food a free months ago, she now eats a high quality GRAIN-FREE kibble topped with a tablespoon of salmon oil. Dr. Julie was pleased with her progress and encouraged us to keep up the current regiment.  So, Gracie gets an A and of course a cookie!!

Schatzie (the German Shepherd) has lost 3 pounds and now is 89lbs.
Her weight loss was a shock to me as I really didn't think she'd lost anything--but then again it's difficult to see change with her fluffy coat. I had decreased her kibble a bit and now with the weather being much nicer we are enjoying more activities outside. We are not seeing much change in her hip issues, she limps a bit, but that doesn't keep her from loving her dog life. Schatzie also got a A, and her cookie was snatched by none other than Gracie!!

Me---well,l I won't be telling my weight but do know that I need to drop a couple pounds or at least tone up, winter was much too long.  After watching a friend run the Lincoln Half Marathon last week I was inspired, so I decided to dig out the running shoes again. Running was part of my day for years but, I have been unable to run for a couple years due to a back issue and a foot injury. So this past tuesday I gave it a go---opened the back door and started to run. I think the girlz thought I was crazy and needless to say they were EXCITED!! We only ran about a mile and even though we walk everyday the girlz seemed thrilled to be really moving--the pack was moving again. I am keeping a close eye on the girlz knees and hips and my issues and we will increase or decrease our activity as needed.  I have no desire to run road races again, but I gotta say I love how it feels to RUN again.

The Girlz will have one more health checkup before our move to we gotta RUN!!!

Have a great holiday weekend.
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  1. Maybe its because Gracie is growing muscles (reason why she only lost a pound).

    Don't worry're up to a good start.

  2. Don't you worry when you get to Hi they will loose more weight. Hope you got all the papers done. We will try to visit you. For sure you'll see Noreen there. Golden Woofs!

  3. Hi Val- glad to have you as part of the blog hop. Your blog is great! Come back as often as you can and share your dog's fitness (and health) ideas.

    Love that you are tracking your dog's weight. Use our app (if you have an iPhone) to track activity and feedings as well as weight.

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  4. good news on the weight loss and good health.

  5. How amazing that you get to move to such a beautiful place!! Can't wait to see lots of pictures!!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Great job on getting out the door - that's the hardest part, putting the sneakers on and moving! Good job by the girlz too. They are looking pretty fine in that picture ;)

  7. What food are you using now? We also recently switched to a grain free food.

  8. We switched Rambo to a high quality grain-free dog kibble and all his skin issues cleared up. He is still working on his weight. :)
    Your pups look great! They will probably get to swim a lot after you move. It's so good for doggies. :)

  9. They both look great! It's always a challenge to keep it off ourselves, I'm trying to tone up too. Keep it up!

  10. awww, glad the girls did so well!

  11. Great job on the weight loss and getting the girlz in shape...That photo brought a little tear...Your girlz look so much like my Murphy (yellow Lab girl) and Cecil (GSD girl) who both passed over the bridge a while back

  12. Great job! This is a very inspirational blog hop post. Thanks!

  13. Mom has been fighting with injuries and running for several years but she just can't give it up. Good for you getting back out there and I am sure the pups will love it too!

  14. This is my first time on your blog, but I think it looks like you are taking great care of your dogs and yourself, trying to get healthier and leaner! I just started running too, and I think getting out the door is the first step even if you don't go far (I didn't go far either). It sounds like you are moving to Hawaii? Now that sounds exciting, and I bet there will be nice places to run there!

  15. Getting healthy, moving to Hawaii, what's next, retirement?

    It's good to hear all of you girlz are doing good. Things should get even better in the slowed down life of Hawaii.

  16. I'm glad that you're all getting in better shape! :) I hope you all keep up the good work!

  17. Good news from the scale! Our Callie was at the vet for her heartworm bloodtest yesterday (negative) and the vet commented that Callie's weight is exactly what she was last time - a svelte 42 pounds.

    Have fun with the running. Is that right? Is it fun?! : )

  18. Great job, doesn't it feel great!!!

    Yesterday I noticed Delilah had a little trot going so I trotted along, but I can't run and I sure as heck can't keep up with her.


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