Thursday, May 23

Florida...more to it than just a MOUSE!!

Last week while Schatzie and I were in jail, oh, I mean Doggie Day Care mom was in Florida with our grammy exploring. One of grammy's favorite places is Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park, located in Homosassa, Florida. It's a park that is well worth the drive. Take it away mom....

There were 8-10 large gators in the pool area---

There are several ways to reach the main entrance in the park, we chose the pontoon boat ride.
During the ride we observed wood duck, heron, gators, turtles and various other birds.

 Check out the osprey nest high in this tree,
 there's even a chick or two in the nest

Before this became a State Park it was a refuge and holding area/exhibit for many wildlife movie and tv stars.
Once the park was controlled by the State Parks Dept. all of the non-Florida native animals were relocated to other zoos or sanctuaries, with one exception....Lou, the hippo!!

Seems no place wanted a huge hungry, out of work, African hippo weighing some 5000+ lbs. Lou was a favorite of many in the area and a "Keep Lou Here" campaign began.  Lou is now an official Floridian with paper work an inch thick to prove it, he probably could even vote!!
If you ever have a chance to visit Lou--beware if he swims off to a corner of the pool and his tail starts spinning, stand clear cuz he's going to blow...... and hippo poo, well, let's just say it's not pretty!!
Don't worry we were in the safe zone and I knew about that tail spinning warning sign. 

 Let's get to back to the tour...

 Pink flamingos
There were falcons, eagles and all sorts of birds of prey

 I love the expression on this guy

 yep, even this cute little squirrel

 During the cooler winter days in Florida you would see dozens of the endangered Florida manatee in this area seeking the warmth of the 72 degree warmth of the spring head waters.

 an underwater observation area where you will see hundreds of fish and even the manatees up close!!

 the Florida Panther


 What's for dinner?? fresh fish for this river otter

 This was one of the 8 captive manatee in the park at the present time. 
They are recovering from injury or illness. Such gentle giants cruising thru the water.

Mom and I spent 3-4 hours at this park. In fact, I made my mom go 
thru it twice so I could take more pictures.
 This shot has to be one of my favorites....
Momma and pappa swan and their 5 little ones, still in their fuzz.

I took a couple hundred photos and could bore you to tears. I just wanted to give you a taste of Florida Wildlife and encourage you to visit this park if you ever visit Florida.

Remember there's more to Florida than just a mouse!!

 Okay, back to you Gracie....
Mom,MoM, MOM, we thought you were NEVER coming back!!!

Have a great day.


  1. aww, poor babies in jail. glad your mom got to spend time with her mom, though!

  2. Sometimes you have to be somewhere else, so the Mums can have their time out too, lovely photos, a superb and varied number, and the whole area is so open and beautiful for each one.Cheers from Jean

  3. What I love most about Florida is the variety of wildlife and the beauty of the natural parks. I don't care for the heat, bugs, spiders, gators and snakes, so I would never live there, but it is nice to visit. :-)

  4. now that looks like a fun trip....I bet those fur babies were happy to see the Mommy back...

  5. i have not been to Homasassa since my son lived there, he left there about 16 years ago, i don't think all this was there when he lived there. it is beautiful country

  6. Look at those happy girls! Loved looking at all the wildlife. What a nice time with your mom.

  7. Wonderful photos my friend! Have a splendid day.
    Noreen & Hunter

  8. We are all about the mouse! But next time, we will try to check out some of the nature parks too! Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Wow, what a cool place! I love those manatees!!

  10. That last pic is priceless!

  11. That looks like a really fun and enjoyable way to spend a day--I'm going to have to put this on my list for when I visit my brother in Florida!

  12. Nice vacation and great pictures. I especially love that last one - finally The Mom has returned!

  13. That's a wonderful tour, even if there was a squirrel. Amazing. But I am glad you are back with the girlz.

  14. I was stuck home while mom went to Blogpaws and that was not a good thing but you poor thing being in jail. On the other side, it looks like there were lots of very dangerous creatures where your mom was so I am glad you were safe in jail and not out in the danger!

  15. Are you still in Florida?? I just got back from NC. :)
    Love the pics!!

  16. Great photos! So many beautiful creatures! We have our own Mouse here in So Cal so if I ever make it to FL I'll be more int'd in the more-than-the-mouse parts of the state! :)


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