Sunday, March 31

Happy Easter...

Happy Easter!!

Only a few more days of my extra duties at work and then
 I hope to be back to my regular blog postings.  
Wishing you all a very blessed Easter!!

Friday, March 22

The Puppies...

Remember those sweet puppies I shared with you a few weeks ago???
Well, today I TRIED to photograph was somewhat like herding bumble bees.
They will be 6 weeks old on tuesday.  So much energy in these little yellow bundles. 
Most of my shots were just yellow blurs. 
Here are some of my favorite shots of the day.

So do you have a favorite???

Sunday, March 17

Duck, Duck, Goose....

Make that a lot of GEESE!!!!
These shots (not very clear, due to distance) were taken last friday evening. Living in Nebraska, we are in the flyway zone for many migratory birds. These are snow and blue geese headed to the tundra where they will mate and nest for the summer. I am guessing there were 5-6 thousand birds swirling above this cornfield  where they spent the night. I just wonder who the "head" goose is and how they decide where they will spend down time.  Watching them come in for a landing was really a site to behold and the goose chatter was deafening even at 1/4 mile away....I wonder how they avoid landing on one another or crashing. I mean there has to be at least one uncoordinated goose don't ya think!?!?!!? 

the arrival of 1000's of geese

 2 pair and a spare  :)
I wish I had sound so you could have heard the chatter.

Nature at it's best!!!

P.S. my bluebirds are back  :)

Saturday, March 16

A little something different....

In between work and my wednesday evening commitment I had a few moments and popped into my local hobby store and found this darling little garden fairy. She was just sitting on the shelf waiting for me. I was actually looking for a garden/travel gnome, but this little face spoke to me...yearning for me to take her home and find a special  place in my world for her to explore. She had a plan or better yet, I think God had a plan.

As I sat at the computer I glanced at her and the lighting was perfect.
 Out came the camera,it was fascinating to see world in a whole different way. 

The sunrise--what a gift!!

To reflect upon the remaining snow.

What was she seeing in me???

What fun....I sometimes envy those with 2 legged kids and what joy 
they must experience thru their childs eyes

So deep in thought....

If you look for the good, you're gonna find it!!! 

Friday, March 15

Honoring Pip and Puddles....

Today we are joining Blogville in honoring Pip and Puddles
Click on their names for more info about this special pair. 

Mr. Pip has been bestowed the Honor of "King of Cheeseburgers "
and Miss Puddles has been given the title of "Queen of Merriment and Mayhem"
 --with emphasis on the MAYHEM!!
What a pair these two are---Peas in a Pods, Dynamic Duo, Partners in Crimes and just all around Cool Cats oh, I mean Dogs!!  Thanks for all the laughter and tears, you are special pups and we luv you!!

Cheeseburgers, beers and cheetos for all 
and to all a good night!!

Thursday, March 14

Siesta Sisters....

My apologies for lack of blog posts and commenting this week. My job schedule has changed a bit and it is going to be a tad busy for me the next couple of weeks.
 Hopefully, I will get some posts prepared and have them post automatically for the next few weeks.

Anyhow....the girlz are enjoying some warmer temps on the patio today--hope you are too!!

 they're UP.....
they're DOWN!!!  

Thursday, March 7

The visit....and our waistlines!!

Yesterday's visit to the vet was just for a wellness exam and update the girlz on their vaccinations.
When we first entered the office, Gracie gave out a big old WOO-WOO- WOOF!! 
Guess she was making sure they knew we had arrived.
The office staff got a chuckle out of it.

Gracie being examined by Dr. J
everything looks and sounds good. 
Gracie weighs 62 lbs. Dr. J. is very happy with her weight.
No photo of Gracie and her blood draw as I had to help stabilize her rear legs.

 Schatzie getting her blood drawn with Gracie supervising :)

 Schatzie weighed in at 89 lbs.
She is NOT overweight, Dr. J would like her to drop around 5 pounds.  We want to keep her at a healthy lean weight to lessen the strain on her hips.
Because of arthritis issues for both girlz and Gracies' ACL problem, managing their weight is crucial.
We will be limiting Schatzie's food intake a bit and will cautiously add more activity. 
Blood draws to be sent to the lab.

We will pop into the clinic in a few weeks to step on the magic weighing machine and see if our efforts to get the 5lbs. off of Schatzie works.

Joining the effort to keep our girlz as healthy as possible.

Show Off Your Dog's Waistline

Sunday, March 3

Looking for answers....

Today I am straying from my usual B&W shot to share some information concerning blogging. My friend TexWisGirl over at run-a-round ranch has a post today for those of you struggling with these annoying anonymous comments, spamming, word identification, etc on your blogs. She provides helpful tips in making your blogging life--well...... BETTER!!  I know I learned a thing or two and can now stop those anonymous comments from clogging up my email. Hope you will hop over there and read her informative post.  Be sure to read through some of Theresa's other posts in which she shares her Texas life with her followers. The Whistling ducks are one of my favorites.  In case you missed it, here is the link again....CLICK HERE
Happy Sunday...looks like some blue sky, so I need to grab the camera and get outside.

Friday, March 1

Just thinking....

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
Wayne Dyer

I've been away from the keyboard this week, just thinking.

 It's seems that all my photos taken recently,  well,  just seem so black and white. 
No life, no color, no story....
but, once I reviewed the shots I changed.

 I found a path not yet taken

The intensity of my faithful canine companion

I found brilliant and vibrant colors

 and  life

Happy Friday