Saturday, March 16

A little something different....

In between work and my wednesday evening commitment I had a few moments and popped into my local hobby store and found this darling little garden fairy. She was just sitting on the shelf waiting for me. I was actually looking for a garden/travel gnome, but this little face spoke to me...yearning for me to take her home and find a special  place in my world for her to explore. She had a plan or better yet, I think God had a plan.

As I sat at the computer I glanced at her and the lighting was perfect.
 Out came the camera,it was fascinating to see world in a whole different way. 

The sunrise--what a gift!!

To reflect upon the remaining snow.

What was she seeing in me???

What fun....I sometimes envy those with 2 legged kids and what joy 
they must experience thru their childs eyes

So deep in thought....

If you look for the good, you're gonna find it!!! 


  1. she is really cute and wow on all the different 'views' of her. i love the one peeking out from the curtain. they are all wonderful. she was worth what you paid just for the photos ops

  2. Your photographer's "eye" and "heart" are evident in this beautiful post.

  3. There is something about her that is very appealing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. she's adorable. really sweet set of shots!

  5. I think you and the girlz are really ready for Spring to come!!

  6. SHe's a cute little addition to your home! I totally agree with your last line - "if you look for the good, you're gonna find it" How true it is and that is how I tend to look at life.

  7. Hi Val, I can totally understand why you had to bring her home. I love your pics and thoughts, seeing life through a child's eyes. Have a great evening my friend.
    Love, Noreen

  8. Woof! Woof! LOVE it! Great find and so cute. It's BEAUTIFUL! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. What a great little angel to bring into your home.

  10. What an awesome post! So creative, so intriguing! Beautifully photographed!


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