Thursday, March 7

The visit....and our waistlines!!

Yesterday's visit to the vet was just for a wellness exam and update the girlz on their vaccinations.
When we first entered the office, Gracie gave out a big old WOO-WOO- WOOF!! 
Guess she was making sure they knew we had arrived.
The office staff got a chuckle out of it.

Gracie being examined by Dr. J
everything looks and sounds good. 
Gracie weighs 62 lbs. Dr. J. is very happy with her weight.
No photo of Gracie and her blood draw as I had to help stabilize her rear legs.

 Schatzie getting her blood drawn with Gracie supervising :)

 Schatzie weighed in at 89 lbs.
She is NOT overweight, Dr. J would like her to drop around 5 pounds.  We want to keep her at a healthy lean weight to lessen the strain on her hips.
Because of arthritis issues for both girlz and Gracies' ACL problem, managing their weight is crucial.
We will be limiting Schatzie's food intake a bit and will cautiously add more activity. 
Blood draws to be sent to the lab.

We will pop into the clinic in a few weeks to step on the magic weighing machine and see if our efforts to get the 5lbs. off of Schatzie works.

Joining the effort to keep our girlz as healthy as possible.

Show Off Your Dog's Waistline


  1. Great job! Does your vet give them influenza shots? Our required it for the kennel but i realize that this might have been part of the problem. Have a great day, more snow on the way this weekend-we are supposed to get 8-12"-we need it but I loved the sunshine when we were away.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  2. Glad it was all routine and sounds like all went well. I bet she will have that 5lbs off in no time with all the walking ya all do.

  3. they look fantastic to me...

  4. i have a couple i need to work on cutting back...

  5. Good job! I'm sure the weight will come off easily enough. Blueberry needs to stay lean too so I give her only a 1/2 cup of food in the morning and then another 1/2 in the pm. Then she gets treats too - but I try to stick with the healthiest ones I can find in moderation and also since she likes veggies and fruit, she can have those and they make her feel like she's getting extra without adding any weight.

    Be sure to let us know your tricks for slimming Schatzie down!

  6. Glad it was just routine stuff!
    Both me and Dave need to gain weight. When Davy was weighed yesterday, he had gained half a pound and our vet was really happy about that! Go, Dave!
    Play bows,

  7. What great great girls, so good at the vets! Good luck with the weight loss, we are still trying to get more of Dantes weight off him!


  8. So awesome! Thank you for participating in the campaign!

  9. Bravo. I think that Jack is one of the few dogs who gets excited to go to the vet. I think he knows he's gonna get a treat when we leave. I, on the other hand, get a treat of paying the vet bill. :)

  10. They look so cute! We take Roxy and Rambo together as well. Rambo had to go on a diet. :) He weighed 103 and should be 90 lbs.. He is now at 96 lbs, a little at a time. :)

  11. I could definitely see Gracie's waist in that photo! She looks good. Let us know what you are doing to help Schatzie loose that last bit of weight.

  12. Well...that sounds like a pretty good report. Of course, Schatzie probably disagrees with me. That is, unless I'm willing to lose 5 lbs. along with her.

  13. I'm glad to hear that they're both aging gracefully! Dropping five pounds isn't too bad!

  14. Sounds like a good report! 5lbs isn't too bad

  15. Our dogs always seem to loos extra weight once Spring rolls around. Hopefully you will have an easy time helping Schatzie loose that 5 pounds. :) They look very well behaved for the vet.

  16. They sure like touching all over, huh?
    Benny & Lily

  17. Oh, Schatzie, I hear you... I could stand to lose 5lbs too. It's good the vet said you aren't overweight. Best to be a little on the lighter side though. Here's to your good health, girlz!

  18. Good job on keeping slim, five pounds isn't too bad at all. We make sure that the pack eat a measured amount of (premium holistic) kibble and they are all nice and lean. Being a puppy still, Breeze eats 4 cups of kibble a day and little Brook eats just over a cup a day. We're going to get a dehydrator and make some veggie treats!

  19. Loosing weight is hard for everybody. I don't envie the girlz!


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