Wednesday, January 2

The Trail Cam...

It's day 4 of dealing with this awful bug that caught up with me and has brought me down. I have lost my voice, nearly coughed up a lung, ache all over and just am wiped out. So if this "bug'" shows up at your house RUN, run very fast, do NOT let it catch YOU!!!

  Today I am sharing a couple photos we have captured with the trail cam that "santa" brought us for Christmas. Now, remember we live in Nebraska so unfortunately you will not be seeing any cool pictures of bears or mountain lions (although they have been sightings of lions in northern NE)  we'll share what we do "capture"
Testing 1.2.3 
yep, little Miss Gracie sleeping with sock monkey watching over her.  :)

 do you see him???

how about now??

Mr. Coyote
we have been placing field corn in this area and there have been many bunnies feeding here.
I am sure Mr. Coyote is looking to get him a little bunny for dinner.

Hope to be back to posting on your blogs soon, 
 thanks for stopping by.
I hate being sick  :(


  1. Feel better soon; I've been dealing with that nasty bug for a while now.

  2. Trail cam looks like a fun toy...Get well soon

  3. Feel better soon. I had a terrible flu for 2 weeks before Christmas, so I know exactly how you feel! Very neat trail cam!

  4. My MOM did not run fast enough, been over 3 weeks now. I think my MOM would love to have a trail cam. They are very cool.

  5. Thanks for the warning about that bug. Hope you feel better soon. I've been thinking of getting a trail cam for use around our home (we have 5 acres). Mostly to see what our fox does at night.


  6. i had hoped you would be better by now, this is a really cool toy... we saw a fox on the way home from the Y this morning, and we live in the city limits.. at first i thought it was a dog in the street, but there he was and so beautiful...

  7. What a cool cam! Feel better
    Benny & Lily

  8. No matter where you live think a trail cam would be fun to have!

    Take care of yourself, and I really hope you feel better soon--Did you get this bug from some patient that was too sick to go to work but well enough to come in for an appointment? :-)

  9. I thought that was Zimmie at first! Ha woo.
    That's very cool. We hear the coyotes at night a lot - last night, they were SO LOUD!!!
    I like the capture in that first shot. :)
    PS: We sure hope you start feeling better!

  10. Feel better soon!

    Wow, coyotes. Cool. They must be fun to sniff after.

  11. Val, I'm so sorry you are still down and out with the bug. Wish I lived nearby so I could bring you chicken soup! Stay warm and stay inside dear friend. Thanks for sharing the coyote.
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. We keep talking about getting a trail cam for our cabin. You got some cool pictures. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Coyotes are SO cool. I love seeing their social behavior... You are going to have so much fun with this camera!


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