Friday, January 4

Can we restart 2013???

It's been almost a week since this horrible bug ambushed me. I am sure this bug has 6 inch fangs, 8 arms, size 15 shoes and really bad breath. He grabbed me from behind on last saturday nite ripping a gash in the back of my throat causing it to be sore as heck.  Sunday he toyed with me,  hanging under my skin irritating me just enough to keep me in slow gear for the day. As Monday popped around and I thought maybe he was gone--ha,ha the joke was on me as he came back throwing me to the floor forcing  fire down my throat,  strangling me by the neck and sitting on top of my chest. I was caught in his snare and there was no way out. He taunted me into thinking it would be okay to wander around and take photos of the hoary frost on New Year's Day. I would pay dearly for my stupidity by being thrown into bed for the next two days.On thursday my exercise routine included moving from one recliner to another or a quick stop at the sofa. The bathroom was a hopping place too with all the fluids I consumed.  I've taken meds for sore throats, meds to dry me up, to loosen me up and to allow me to sleep. I've drank lemon tea with honey, sucked on more cough drops than I care to count, used more than 87 thousand kleenex. Good grief this bug had no mercy!!
Today, I finally feel like maybe just maybe he's done with me. He's beat me to a pulp and sucked the energy from my body. However, he has not won...I am still alive and have a bit of a bite and bark left. I shall be the victor.
If you remember from a couple days ago, I stated that we are participating in the 30/30 Challenge hosted by You Did What with Your Weiner. My girlz are doing well, they've held up their end of the challenge by being on the trail everyday. Me, well I have missed one day due to the BUG---but I will be back!!

The Girlz out with hubby

 He had a sore throat but the bug didn't bite him!!

 I was lagging behind, I love it when they come to find me.

Gracie showing how I've felt the past 6 days. 

These are the girlz toys, indicative of how my house looks right now. everything is in disarray. I did garner up enough energy to vacuum the floors so I am considering that another victory today. So take that you stupid bug!! Oh and my sinks are clean too!!!  I promise I'll tell you about that soon.

Thanks to all for the get well wishes, they indeed helped my spirit.
To those of you that may be bit by this bug my advice is REST, REST and more REST!!


  1. That is one tough and mean bug! I do know what you are talking about. MOM has been sick for 3 weeks. But not sure if it is the same kind of bug or just a relative. In any case sounds like you are getting the upper hand. I will keep you on my good and healing vibe list.

  2. awww. hope you're definitely on the upswing, now! love gracie and the sock monkey... :)

  3. Hi Val, Glad to hear you are back in the land of the living! Your bug sounds like what I used to get once a year-due to a susceptibility to bronchitis. So far I've been good here. Praying you've kicked this to the curb and will be back to feeling perfect soon. Hugs to you.

  4. Hope you are back to normal soon. Stooopid bug!

  5. Man, that is one scary bug. I mean, you had both me and My Vickie glued to the computer screen reading about it. It was the ripping your throat that really hit the visual button for us.

    We are glad you are feeling better and just want you to know that you don't need to send the little critter our way. We will be happy if we never see anything that scary, EVER......

    Bert and My Vickie

  6. I could have written this post almost a month ago. I have one suggestion - go to the doctor to make sure that you don't have pneumonia. For me, the sign that it had become pneumonia was atypical. I seemed to be getting better and then I suddenly had a sore throat and cold-like symptoms. I happened to be going to the doc for something else but he was all over my lungs in a second. Yup, pneumonia, and I would've never guessed it. So, that's the reason for my suggestion.

    I really hope that you are right, and that you have this beat! By all means, restart 2013 if you want!!!! You deserve it.

  7. Gosh, seems like everyone is getting hit by these bad bugs lately! I've had a bit of a cough every morning, but I"m hoping it won't turn into anything! If you could work up the energy to vacuum you must be on the mend! Vacuuming is such an energy sucker IMO. (no pun intended!) Hope you are all better soon!

  8. I relate to Gracie, and suspect my laryngitis was caught from those souls who chose to cough without covering their mouth in the airplane. Apparently my Kleenex over the mose routine didn't work and I am still recovering. Feel better soon! :)

  9. We sure do hope that you are beating that bug UP!! Hope it's ALL gone SOON!! So many people around here are sick. On the news they are saying that just about every state has tons of flu already reported. It is early for that. Keep resting the best you can and you'll be back in no time. I sure do hope you don't have pneumonia...that is the worst.

    Happy Weekend...

  10. your story is not the first i have heard of this nasty bug... seems like it is one that likes to hang out once he meets up with you. i do hope he will leave you alone now.. sounds like you are in the home stretch to feeling better. i think men don't get as sick from bugs as we do, if i get something, most of the time bob doesn't catch it, but when he does it is always not as bad as mine.

  11. Val you get a 'bye day' for sure with battling a bug like that...Hope you've kicked its bug butt and are sending it on its way...Love that giant sock monkey toy

  12. get better soon...and i would have been just like you....getting out of my deathbed to get hoarfrost shots and then paying dearly for it later. LOL

  13. I get sick much easier than my husband. Sounds like you're about over it. :) Your pups are so cute in these pics! I can't keep cute toys around here. My pups just play tug of war. LOL
    Happy Sunday! REST! :)

  14. So sorry you are not feeling well, I hope you are better soon. Your dogs are cute and I love the shot of Gracie! Have a happy Sunday!

  15. Hope you feel better! We're doing the 30/30 Challenge too!

    your pal,


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