Friday, November 30

Someone's watching...

Ever felt like you're being watched???

 Come you see him??

 Ya, the little guy in the red suit...
the elf on the shelf.
Hey mom, looks like you need to dust!!  BOL

 He's been watching me and Schatzie for the past few days and taking notes
as you can see I'm avoiding my chores being good!! 

You do know I could take you out in one bite don't you??

 He's still there isn't he???

Hey Schatzie, he's watching you too!!

I know Gracie...
but, I'm doing what I'm told... mom sent me to get the mail!!

 oh great... the little guy put a star by your name.

Mom, tell me again how many days til Christmas??

Gracie and Schatzie 


  1. You girlz had better watch out. Those little elves are everywhere keeping their eye out for Santa Paws! Schatzie it's so sweet of you to help out with the mail, know who! LOL!

  2. heheheh !! funny little guy ! be carefull girlz !


  3. Kind of creepy. BOL! I am sure you two have well more than enough stars by your names.

  4. too cute! I wish my pups could fetch the mail! :)

  5. Of course you are all being perfectly good!

  6. Ooh...a spy elf?? That sounds like trouble...I mean, not that we ever do anything bad, but oohh...

  7. i am thinking he is keeping track of naughty or nice... so be careful

  8. Val: Both are such good looking dogs, with such personality!

  9. Hey G-dog-- is that Lucy or Jasper who's watching over you for the next 24 days?

  10. Hmm, seems like an invasion of privacy to me. I mean really, we all know you guys deserve to be on the nice list, so why all the spies?

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. Oh Val you have some real great looking dogs!!! How much do you walk them??
    I got the prize you sent and love love it. I read about the dogs and I cry I miss Zoie so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!
    I miss you coming for a visit. Do come when you have the time....

  12. Woof! Woof! Golden LAUGHS! Happy Saturday! 25 more days ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    BTW: do you follow Rural Journal - she's also in Nebraska. Golden Woofs

  13. Hey Schatzie - It'z the Shiloh-man here. Just had tue stop by tue letcha know I got your prezent - mom woodn't even let me git it frum the mailer-man; she woodn't even let me touch it - instead of the Grinch who stole Christmas, mom iz the grinch who stole MY prezent. She told me she coodn't give it tue me yet an'that Santa Pawz iz watchin' He'z watchin'all around the world - no woofer iz safe.


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