Tuesday, November 27

Mail Call...

Things are getting pretty exciting around this neck of the woods. We have been receiving all sorts of goodies in the mail and they're not from our gramma.  Mom signed us up for the Blogville Christmas gift and card exchange. It's so fun to get all the cards, Poppy just rolls his eyes!! Now mom says we need to get some sort of card display thingy like Goose's mom made. Check it out here at Goose's Christmas Card Holder

Today the mail lady left a package at the door...it was for me, GRACIE!! It's my gift from Miss Daisy (my Santa Paws Pal) over at The Royal Coon Hounds  Thank you Miss Daisy!!  I can  hardly wait to see what's inside, my nose tells me it's going to be good. Mom says I can't open it until Christmas or at least until Schatzie gets her gift from her Santa Paws Pal.  Oh, BUMMER....

Christmas card count so far...including cyber cards
Girlz --7
Peeps--a big FAT ZERO!!   bol....

 Back off Schatzie it's mine!!

See right here??? it says it's mine,mine, mine!!!

Okay then, I get the cards.....

 they're mine, mine, mine!!

 Mom, how many more days til Christmas????

I have a feeling it's going to be a really long month...


p.s. Mom is picking up our cards today....so with any luck the Christmas cards and our
 presents for our Santa Paws Pals will be in the mail this weekend.
Guess I better get my licker ready!!


  1. Quite a relief after a stand-off! Those dogs are very passionate!!

  2. Bahaha!! I love it! Wowee, Gracie that is one big box full of Holiday goodies!!! Can't wait to see what's inside!! I smell treats! ;-) Goose's holder is pretty darn pawesome and can hold lots of cards! Good luck making (or finding) one!

  3. I have 9 cards, my peeps have 0!

  4. Oh Gracie don't you just love getting Christmas cards! Freddie and Gloria have 6, us 0! I bet you just can't wait to see what's in that parcel that came. The suspense must be killing you!

  5. Oh it it is so much fun. I have 13 cards and 2 e-cards!! MOM does have 1. And what a big box you got. Yes indeed this will be a very long wait. My cards should go out ina day or two....I hope. My licker is ready just waiteng on the MOM.

  6. Wow Gracie, what a lucky gal you are! I love it that so many pups are getting more cards than their peeps. We've only got one card so far and it was for Hunter-from Sugar. We ordered our cards today but not sure how quickly we will get them, hoping that it is so quick our heads will spin.
    xxxoooNoreen & Hunter

  7. I love getting cards and of course packages are fun to get and send too!! (I told myself last year I was going to do this exchange, and I didn't--next year for sure!!). But my cards are still only an idea, and I really, really need to get moving on them--Time is going to get away from me!!

    I hope you've had a good day, take care!!

  8. Blueberry has received some cards too! I swear she had more mail the other day than I did!

    I can't believe they aren't trying to eat them! ;)

  9. Woof! Woof! Love Holiday cards from bloggie friends. We see you got ours. Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. Don't worry Gracie, Christmas will be here soon enough!

    ~Love, the SugarHighK9s

  11. That is a big pile of cards. Can't wait to see what is int eh package.

  12. I agree, BOL. The pups are winning by a landslide! What fun!

  13. Wish my boss did this. Oh well. I do get some nice stuff for Christmas...


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