Saturday, October 6

Mom...I'm a little chilly!!

Hey mom, I'm a little chilly this morning

See mom, that number thingy says it's chilly...

I've got an idea!!
How about you start that big black box over there??

You can use those sticks Poppy brought in ...

 Now we're talking...

 ...How's that Gracie??

Well, I'm finally starting to warm up

could you bring me a cookie too???

Oh mom, it's just like Hawaii....

 Perfect mom....just perfect!!

See, I've got them wrapped around my little paws....BOL

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  1. can't stop laughing, each photo made me laugh harder. you are just to much. i love the modesty of the last photo. really i do. baby is different, she lays on a blanket but does not want it on her, jake likes to be wrapped like you do. they would both love that fire place

  2. Oh dog MOM and I sure wish we had a black hot box or a fireplace. It's chilly here too. burrrr. But I have the next best thing- a blankie and snuggle with MOM on the couch. And the sun is out shining on me. You have it made Gracie.

  3. What a cute dog! Your post makes me laugh.

  4. awww, too cute =)

  5. Hey Gracie, Yes you do have them wrapped around your paws, just like Hunter has us. You think you're cold-it was 35 today and we went to obedience class where it started to snow. Now Hunter can sit on command easily but would he do it today-I giggled because I thought he was pretty smart-I would want to sit down on the cold, wet ground either. Love you wrap up in the blanket; Hunter is snuggling next to me on one right now.
    Stay warm!
    Noreen & Hunter

  6. Ha!Ha!Ha! Those pictures of Gracie are hilarious! I miss our wood stove ever since hubby switched it to gas. It's just not the same heat and I miss the smell and the crackling sound. Enjoy your "hawaii" warmth! :)

  7. 66? It hasn't been 66 here at my house since the last ice age! :)

  8. How cozy!

    Hopping here from Camera Critters
    Have a great weekend!

  9. now that is nice and cozy...

  10. Nothing like being spoiled! LOL

    We started a fire ourselves this morning. It was 26 degrees when we woke up!

  11. Fabulous post! I just love that last pic! She reminds me so much of our Roxanne. :)


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