Thursday, October 4

A Peck of Peppers...

Mom heard the weather was going to change, so on Monday she harvested all the 
remaining veggies and put the garden to rest for the winter.

She must have picked a peck of peppers....

I asked her what in the heck are we going to do with a peck of peppers???
Her reply.....

(like over 40 pints of salsa isn't enough!!)

Alrighty then....
since I don't have thumbs I'm not much help
....I'm going to take a NICE long nap

Call if you need me...



  1. Hi Gracie, I love your blanket-it looks so cozy. It is so cold here that all I want to do is snuggle up too. Your mama is incredible-I've never made salsa but my daughter's tell me that it is so much work. Hope you have a warm afternoon.
    Noreen & Hunter

  2. sounds like a good plan..for both of you...

  3. You both have a very good plan.

  4. I'm with Gracie, a long nap sounds better than working in the kitchen!

  5. is that a guilty look from Gracie? was she thinking of picking a pepper from the peck of peppers? LOVE that last pic....

  6. Oh boy! You're Momma has got her work cut out for her! I just chopped a ton of peppers to have in the freezer for winter and made stuffed peppers out of the rest. I was just to lazy to make salsa this year. I bet you're Momma's salsa is wonderful!

    I've given you the One Lovely Blog Award. You can find it on my post today. No pressure. :)

  7. I love it - you do all the work while she naps! You have quite the little harvest there - I am so jealous!

  8. Oh little pup, you forgot to share the salsa recipe and explain how mom preserves it. Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

  9. I wish that I could grow stuff like those beautiful peppers! Our season is so short that I'm limited to boring salad stuff... (maybe I'll get a greenhouse one of these years).

    I LOVE that cute photo of you, Gracie!


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