Tuesday, September 11

You make the call.....

 My peeps have been working on a home improvement project...you guessed it, it involves dirt. 
I love dirt, so I figured that I should do something to help with this project.
 After all, I am an experienced digger....

this was my version of what excavating
 needed to be done around the house....

 For some reason I got into trouble for doing this...
they just don't appreciate good help!!

 But...poppy can dig and he doesn't get into trouble...
doesn't seem fair!!

 So Schatzie and I decided we'd just lay here in poppy's dirt
 it's a lot less work this way!!

we can't get into trouble now.... 

can we?!?!?!



  1. Oh, I just love those last two pics! My pups would be right there in that dirt. :) Your girls are adorable!

  2. I guess your poppy did the work but you two got to enjoy the cool rewards of his labor. Not all that bad.

  3. Why on earth wouldn't they want your expert opinion and assistance? Pft! But glad you could help your Poppy out...keep up the good work! ;-)

  4. What a smart idea! Let Poppy do all the work and then you and Schatzie enjoy it! :)

  5. Well, I think that you were doing a very good work digging ! I don't understand why Poppy didn't like it ! It is not fair !


  6. Gracie I think you and Baby Girl may be twins separated at birth. she gets in trouble for throwing dirt on the deck around the pool. even though i have asked her nicely to turn her self around and throw it away from the pool not towards it, she just keeps making similar piles like yours on the deck. i can tell that dirt feels great while watching Poppy dig

  7. Looks like too much work to me. I think you husband has the dogs trained to lay where he's working so he can take a break! LOL

  8. Ginger is the digger around here...she's a pro...

  9. So cute, especially the look in the last pic!

  10. I love to help my daddy dig, but he's the same way -- for some reason he doesn't like me to help. I don't understand why.

    your pal,


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