Thursday, September 13

We Got Mail....

Well, today was a pretty exciting day...
not only did we get to sleep in  because of the 1.3 inches of rain 
we received over night, the lady in the red jeep brought me a package!!!

 Actually she delivered two packages, one was for mom,
 the other BIG one was for me and Schatzie

I knew as soon as I saw the writing on the box who it was from....

It was from GRAMMA
she's a super duper gramma, cuz she'll send us presents for NO reason.
I mean it wasn't either one of our Barkdays or our Gotcha Day
and Christmas is a few months away.
Our Gramma just sends us stuff cuz she loves us so MUCH.

Inside the box were two new toys
one was a leopard (which I have already unstuffed) 
sorry gramma!!
the other is a cute pink octopus
which will probably be gutted in the near future.

 Gramma also included some treats and some brewers yeast with garlic
(we use that to ward off the evil fleas and ticks)

It was a great day!! What more could a dog ask for you say!?!?  

Oh, I can think of one more thing...
Bacon, yes Bacon and can you make it the maple kind..


uh oh, I hear mom calling....

better forget the bacon!!

Thanks Gramma!!

Love, Gracie


  1. What a great Grandma you have. Holy dog she is super sweet and nice. Do you think she would like an adopted grandson?

  2. Whoa, you are sooooo lucky! What a wonderful Gramma and what wonderful gifts! Have fun destroying them! ;-)

  3. Wow ! Great Grandma you two have ! wonderful gifts - I loved the pink octopus, it's so cuuute !!


  4. fantastic grandma you have, and the guts in toys were meant to be pulled out. at least in our house. the fun of it all is pulling the guts. our dog max used to pull the guts within the first five minutes, then he would suck on the toy that was left and get it all wet and nasty. if we did not watch him carefully, he would sneak it outside and bury it. we did not know he was doing this until one day the toy that had been MIA appeared in the kitchen all muddy and nasty. he dug it up and brought it back inside. OOPS sorry mommy, if i put ideas in any ones head.

  5. oh, this made me smile! i love when grammas are good to their granddogs. :)

  6. You two are such lucky dogs to have a wonderful Gramma! She sent some great goodies! We've thought about trying the brewers yeast with garlic, would you recommend it? Happy Friday!

  7. What a wonderful package! It sounds like you've got a very special gramma!

    your pal,


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