Monday, August 20

Monday at Home...

It's been awhile since I've had a monday at home. Since I didn't have to work of course I was wide awake at 5 a.m., why does it  work that way??  Anyhow,  I enjoyed a leisurely walk about the ranch with hubby and the girlz with camera in tow. It was almost chilly and the smell of fall is in the air, I do love the crispness of these type of mornings and it feels so good to wear a sweatshirt.
As I look out my kitchen window the flower garden area is a buzz with all sorts of birds. At one point I had 5 male orioles, 1 female at the birdbath, the 5 young bluebirds have found the meal worms I set out for them, dozens of other little birds all munching away at the new feed that was scattered.  I moved my hummer feeders last night in hopes that the bees wouldn't find them. So far it's worked and the hummers have returned to their feeders. A quick glance from my desk and I find 15 swallows perched on the fence, most are preening, others seems to be chatting. I'd like to believe it's their version of monday morning at the water cooler. Probably just a few more weeks with all  the bird activity as they will soon be headed south. I have so enjoyed observing them this summer.

Wanted to give you some information on the bees.  I contacted Warren a beekeeper from Lincoln and he told me the bees are indeed worker honey bees. Because of the drought and lack of moisture there is no nectar in the flowering plants and they are trying to store energy for the winter.  So it appears that they have found a buffet in my garden.  Knowing that honey bees are in a fragile state right now I just didn't have the heart to pull the plug on the feeders. I did take the feeders down for a couple days and set up a new one just for the bees a short distance from the garden. The bees found it and downed 2 cups of sugar water yesterday!!

 I'm leaving you with a few shots I captured this morning....have a great monday!!

 Skippy sure enjoys his cantaloupe 

 Flash...I think you need to see a dentist!!

 The texture of the milkweed pod is just....


May your monday be delicious!! 

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 I am going to attempt to reply to all via this blog in the comment section. 


  1. I love the milkweed pod shots. Did you have to get on the ground to get those? LOL

    A sweatshirt? It's time to go back to Hawaii!

    Happy Monday to you too Val.

  2. Great shots one and all. I am curious though, is that a Red Delicious apple? If it is, was the play on words intentional?

  3. Really, flash, what BIG teeth you have! i knew horses could bite but WOW i will stay away. it is funny made me laugh the other photos are just beautiful.

  4. Holy cows those bees sure can suck up the stuff. But good for you for helping them out.

  5. It sounds so perfect to me, you are a lucky lady Val. Enjoy!

  6. The milkweed pod is so pretty! Flash's teeth and mouth make me laugh! :))
    What you did for the bees was so kind. That apple makes me want fruit trees! I hope to live on enough land one day for fruit trees, a garden and out own walking track for me, but running track for the pups. :)

  7. such cute treat-eating horses. :) love the apple in the last shot! yum!


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