Sunday, July 29

Super Dock experience....

Today after church, hubby and I stopped by the local sporting goods store to watch the Eukanuba Super Dock Series...What a fun event. ENJOY!!

 Except for Jake...all the above dogs were just spectators...

 These two, well they were definitely amateurs....

 this was Ace...and Ace could FLY!!

 didn't catch this ones name...but he was a ham


  1. That is so cool. I love watching that stuff on TV.

  2. This is so awesome to watch. You captured some great pictures!

  3. What a great series of photos. It looks like a few of those dogs really "get some air" before going into the water. With the heat like it has been I bet you were tempted to jump in with them!

  4. fantastical shots all of these and i would have loved to be there.

  5. Looks like the dogs were just having some fun! I like the last photo where the tennis ball hasn't even landed in the water, but the dog already made his "splash"!

  6. how fun! thanks for sharing with us!!!

  7. i love watching dock dogs, we saw them once at a show, some dogs have no fear i love how they just leap into the unknown with nothing but excitement in there eyes xxx dont think my stormy will ever be one tho, hes not really into water much, just likes to paddle and thats fine by me xxx

  8. I think I have the only goldendoodle that doesn't like water. She wants nothing to do with it, even on the hottest days at the beach. Bummer!


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