Monday, June 11

Sunrise, sunset, and a paddle board cruise...

 Sunrise....a look at Maui in the morning....
This shot was taken from the Kaunakakai Wharf. The land mass in the far distance is west Maui

A Molokai Sunset...
again taken at the Kaunakakai wharf
 A sunset paddle...
My friend Choppie...
(SUP)stand up paddle boarding---this is on my bucket list,
 hope to give it a try in a couple weeks. 


  1. you're gonna kill us with these photos! :)

  2. WOW!!! You are in paradise!!! please keep posting even though TexWisGirl is right!

  3. Very beautiful. I'm a little jealous.

  4. It looks so serene! Definitely paradise!

    Just letting you know that I've passed on the Sunshine Award to you. You can find it on todays post at :)

  5. you get three amazings today.
    amazing amazing amazing love all three

  6. Hi there, I didn't think I'd be missing the islands til next year but girl your photos are making me want to jump a plane with you. Have a great day counting down!!!!
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Thank you Val!!!! These are great. I'm of course partial to Maui and the black and white was a great choice but the "SUP'er" photo is fantastic.

    I hope to try this myself the next trip. make sure hubby is taking so photos when you try this, I want to see how hard it is. LOL


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