Thursday, June 14

Last Tease......

 Okay, today will be the last "tease" photos before our trip to Molokai in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to seeing good friends, eating ono food, hiking the beaches and just enjoying the quiet pace of life on Molokai.
Spotted manta ray...these guys are huge and just glide thru  the water.

Not all the beaches are white sand :)

My hubby doing one of his favorite activities
The critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal
unfortunately at the hand of man this old boy was murdered last fall.
He was identified as RR64.  Bless his heart, he was a sweet ole soul.

Sweet ay?!?!

Look even Monk Seal have belly rolls 
 This last picture is of my Schatzie....some have asked if the girlz lived in Hawaii with us...Yes, they did! It is quite the process to get them there and no they will not be going back with us on this vacation--Gramma  is coming to dog sit!!
Schatzie is going to the vet today for some tests, I am fearing she has hip dysplasia--common in big dogs, hopefully we will be able to get her some relief from her pain. So just keep her in your thoughts around 4CDT. Thanks.


  1. oh, good luck on the pup!!!

    and loved the seals. poor baby.

  2. Mahalo nui loa Val for the photos. These are great, my fever is subsiding. LOL. I especially like the spotted rays and the rocky beach. Did you get a chance to swim with the rays?

    I hope everything is fine Schatzie, she will be in my thoughts.

    On the monk seals, maybe I'm a little old fashioned or just plain mean (just towards certain people) but somebody that would intentionally harm one of these endagered animals ought to be taken out to the deep part of the ocean with an anchor tied to their ankle. I'm just sayin...

  3. I hope all works out for Shatzie! Please keep us informed on how she's doing.
    I can't stand the lack of respect some people have for animals! No excuse!
    Beautiful pics!

  4. Beautiful pics once again! Our paws and fingers are crossed for Schatzie today!

  5. Sending good thoughts out for Shatzie!! Love the photos.

  6. Sending good thoughts out for Shatzie!! Love the photos.

  7. Just amazing pics. Good luck for Shatzie

    Rosa, the Dane

  8. those seals always amaze me and i have always wanted to see one in the wild. i guess i would not be going barefoot on that beach, its beautiful. i wondered what you would do with your pups, glad grandma can keep them, hope poor Schatzie gets some relief.

  9. Girl, I think I'm going to sneak into your suitcase because Molokai is so beautiful! I've never seen manta rays up close-would probably freak if I was in the water with them.
    I know you are going to have a wonderful trip! Love the monk seals too.
    Hugs today.


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