Monday, June 18

So, I like to dig...

We've have been working on a landscape/foundation project at our house for the past few days. Like most of our projects there's always alot of digging, leveling, pounding, tamping, cussing, conversing going on and not necessarily in that order.  Hubby had just leveled this portion of the project and ran back to the garage for something when a four legged helper decided she was going to do a little of her own landscaping!!!

We told Gracie that her assistance was not needed at this time and she needed to find something else to work on...

So, she did........
She went over the big sand pile and well, started digging...
 Notice yellow dog on big pile of sand?!?!?
 Made herself a nice level level required!!
 What, you told me to find something to do....
 Back off Schatzie...this is MY sand pile
 Who goes there???
 Mom, put that stinkin camera away...
So there you have it....
Landscaping by GRACIE!!

For those wondering, Schatzie is doing really well, she gets her second Adequan shot tomorrow and so far we have not had to give her any extra  pain meds. The food, shot and water exercise seem to be giving her relief. WOOHOO!!


  1. Hi Val, I bet you are counting down the days/hours until you are on the plane. Gracie looks so cute; several of our dogs have done this over the years-I think they just want some cool soil to lay in. With the temps here being in the high 90's, that sounds good to me.
    Thankful Schatzie is feeling better.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Gracie sure is a hard worker and from the looks of thing a real pro. MOM said I get to dig today. She will be planting a bush/flower thing that someone gave her at her fathers funeral last week. I get to dig the hole it will be planted in. Glad Schatzie is doing better.

  3. so happy for the good report on the meds helping Schatzie. and these photos actually had me laughing so much that hubby peered at me from the kitchen to see why i was laughing. Gracie is so much like Baby Girl. i will send you a pic like the last one in the post, could be the same dog. I LOVE her face, wish i could kiss it.

  4. Hey Gracie, I could use some help landscaping. ;-)

    Glad to hear Schatzie is feeling better!!

  5. Dog days of summer will soon be upon us. Hope you're both able to wrap up your projects before your excavation pooch has you both starting over.

  6. What wonderful work Gracie does! Ha!Ha! Those are great pictures of her. I especially love the look on her face in the first pic! I'm so glad to hear that things are working out good so far for Schatzie. Fingers crossed! :)

  7. I am glad Schatzie is responding well to her treatment. I know that has to be a load off your mind.

    Cussing on a work project? Surely not! LOL I know around my house which order that list would have happened in. :~)

  8. That sand pile is a doggie's dream! Gracie looks so cute sitting in the sand! Glad she decided to share her find with Shatzie. :)
    Glad Shatzie is feeling better! What food did they recommend for her? I'm curious because of my big boy Rambo.

  9. Yay, most of all, I'm so glad that Schatzie is feeling better!

    What a funny series of photos. Gracie looks so proud of herself, queen of the sand pile!

  10. I'm glad Schatzie is feeling well enough to let Gracie dig her a hole!!

  11. That looks so awesome Gracie, and very comfy! I LOVE digging in sand because it's so easy to dig! I wish I had a big pile of sand in my yard. Maybe I should ask mom to order one?

    your pal,

  12. Gracie is a cutie! They're so cute when they dig themselves a little spot to nap in. :-)


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