Saturday, June 23

Never promised you a rose garden...

My mom arrived yesterday for her summer visit, we hit the farmers market and then to Sunken Gardens near downtown Lincoln, NE.  The following photos were taken with my point and shoot camera. It was raining when we left the ranch this morning and I really hadn't planned to visit these gardens...It was one of those impulse stops.

Now for a little history on the was built in 1930 on an old 1.5 acre neighborhood landfill sight. In 2004 it underwent a major renovation in which over 100 trees and 1,000 shrubs were added as well as 18,000 square feet of annual flower space, which changes from year to year. There are 2 reflecting ponds and a cascading waterfall that runs thru the center of the garden. The Sunken Gardens is listed on the 300 Best Gardens to Visit in the US and Canada by the National Geographic Guide to America's Public Gardens. My shots don't begin to do it justice...If you are ever in the neighborhood stop by it'll be worth the effort.

Unfortunately, not only did I not have my "big girl camera" the batteries on the point & shoot died, so these are all the photos I captured today. Hope you enjoyed a quick walk thru the garden!!


  1. This is a beautiful garden! I love all these colors!
    Stop by my blog, I left something for you. :)

  2. Beautiful gardens.

  3. oh no on the battery thing, been there done that and i have extra batteries but did not have them with me. a beautiful garden. we have Sunken Gardens here in St Petersburg FL to. it is more than 100 years old.

  4. Beautiful photos - even though you weren't using the "big girl camera". What beautiful gardens! Mom likes gardens too.

    I have awarded you the Sunshine Award!

    your pal,

  5. Hi Val, These gardens look like Butchard in Vancouver BC. So very lovely-makes me want to come visit. Glad you got some rain; we desperately need it for the fires.
    Have a great afternoon.

  6. Gorgeous place for a visit, the weather looks gorgeous too!


  7. The combination of words and photos has presented a great intro and a great reason for you to return. :)

  8. Nice history lesson and the garden looks like a great place to take photos.

    Were you being "artsy" on the bottom one or just practicing standing on one foot? LOL

  9. Those gardens are beautiful! I love the picture of the lilypad! :)


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