Tuesday, February 14

A Valentine's Day Walk...

Our work schedule was changed last minute today so it allowed hubby and I to enjoy a late afternoon walk after a lovely lunch. We decided to leave the girlz at home and investigate an area where we have see a bobcat in recent weeks Yes, we do have bobcats in Nebraska!! 
This creek/railway area  is about 1.5 miles from the ranch  
 Hubby last saw the bobcat approximately 200 yds from this spot.

 Old telephone poles

 Remember these??...line insulators, 
unfortunately someone felt the need to shoot this one.

 X marks the spot...for 

 Tracks...bobcat tracks!! 

 Sigh...tracks were the only evidence of the bobcat...maybe another day

 One of the bridges we had to cross....

 From a distance we thought this was a rock...when zooming 
in we discovered it's some hunters deer blind.

 Bobcat creek

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's Day!

P.S. For those of you wondering, Pete the Possum was given a proper burial :)
Sorry, no photos were allowed.


  1. cool! a bobcat sighting would definitely thrill me, too!

  2. You have a great area to walk around your ranch. I have a bunch of those line insulators that I put tea lights in for the patio in summer. Too bad there was no paparazzi at Petes funeral. LOL! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. so the paparazzi were kept away from the burial of Pete. phooey, missed it. maybe next time you will see the bobcat, but you did come away with lost of beautiful photos. and had fun

  4. We have bobcats here in Orlando. I haven't seen one, but would love to. Nice pics from your walk.
    Glad Pete is resting properly now. :)

  5. what a cool trip.....so glad to hear about Pete...playing posseum for good...

  6. Great bobcat tracks!!! You need a trail camera! But, if people are wandering around shooting stuff in that area, it might get shot...


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