Thursday, February 16

Bluebirds wanted...

The three bluebird houses that hubby made for me a few weeks ago were positioned today!!!
 Local bluebird enthusiasts claim that the birds should start arriving in March. I am looking forward to see if we get any new tenants and if they make the ranch their home.  So, tell your bluebird friends that they are some wonderful new houses awaiting their spring arrival in southeastern Nebraska.
Bluebird house contractor/installer
 House #1 can be viewed from my kitchen window

#2 located near a new proposed  sitting area
#3  Located near some cedar trees
Okay mum, enough of this bird stuff, it's time for dinner!


  1. the lighting in these are great! (and i'm holding on to my bluebirds, here! they've been hunting houses here since last week.) :)

    ugh! you have word verification!!!

  2. i would send you a few but we don't have them here in FL, will a parrot do?or maybe an Egret or Ibis or Pelican?

  3. You know the girls are saying, "hey, this post is for the birds! It's supposed to be about us! LOL!

  4. Great birdhouses! The last pic has beautiful lighting and beautiful doggies. :)


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