Saturday, February 25

Blue Bird Shake...

If you remember my post from yesterday I said I was going to clean house...
I did and the exciting part is.....
while shaking out my throw rugs I observed this

A blue bird checking out one of the new houses that we placed last week!!
 Hope the blue birds put down a deposit, cuz this morning while looking out the
 kitchen window I saw a house sparrow investigating the property. 
Guess we'll see who wins "House Wars" 


  1. laughing! time to get an HOA going!

  2. This is a great sight! Love TexWisGirl's comment about an HOA!

  3. Great picture! Maybe it should go to the highest bidder! LOL!

  4. love it...wonder who will win...

  5. Tex wins the comedy award, love the HOA comment. hope the blue ones win out, of course sparrows are adorably but the color blue is so pretty and you do have more than one condo for them, so maybe there will be several families

  6. Bluebirds already!!!! Wow, that is so exciting. Keep us posted. We won't see our first mountain bluebirds for at least another month... and then, they only visit occasionally until late April.


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