Sunday, November 6

A gift...

It's been awhile since I grabbed the camera and just set out on foot to snap away. Late this afternoon, after hanging with the girlz, I wandered about the ranch. I really didn't know what I expected to find. Fall is nearly over, the harvest is complete, and the land is tired and ready for its slumber. As I walked, I stumbled upon a stem of soybeans that had eluded the combine. As I snapped the photo I was reminded of a quote by Minor White~~ "There are no accidents, only gifts." The combine missed that stem of beans for a reason--it was meant to be a gift, a gift of food for perhaps a field mouse, a hungry game bird or maybe a deer.

  Remember everyday is a gift, that's why they call it the present.  
Val :)

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  1. beautiful photo and quote and i never thought about the left behind as a gift, but now it makes perfect sense. glad you did not find a gift from Pepe Le Phew skunk this time.


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