Tuesday, September 27

Random shots...

just enjoying the ordinary....

can you find the dragonfly??

a feathered friend

my pretty girl

what's up??

caught with your mouth full Skippy!?!?


just life

still enjoying some color

Da Boyz got some yummy watermelon treats today


  1. i had no idea horses eat melons. I did find the dragon fly but had to enlarge and do a bit of hunting, would have missed him without your mention. you know I love the shot of your pretty girl. a movie that hubby and i have watched several times is K-9 and we love the dog Jerry Lee and each time I see your pretty girl I think of the movie.

  2. Your photos are so pretty. I love your doggies and your horses are gorgeous! Look like they were enjoying that watermelon. That's what my doggies have been enjoying as a snack. I did spot the dragonfly. :)


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