Thursday, September 29

Off to the 808...

Hubby and I are headed to the 808 early in the morning. For those who are not familiar with the 808, it's also known as Hawaii.  We are spending the next two weeks on the island of Molokai on a working vacation, yes, I did say working vacation. Hubby will be doing dentistry on the island and I will be hanging with my Hawaiian Monk Seal pal Diane monitoring seals. Can't wait to share photos with you.
My internet access will be limited the next 2 weeks, however I will try and touch base when I can.

val :)


  1. it is hard for me to type because i am having a envy fit.. 2 weeks in 808, never heard it called that, but it is easier to spell. have a wonderful time and bring back lots of photos for us

  2. oh boy...what a fun treat...


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