Saturday, August 20

we're having a party...

Told you I would be back! My momma is too busy preparing for the party tonight, so once again I will be informing you about what's going on here at the Ranch.  Poppy's birthday is tomorrow so we are having a few friends over for a little BBQ. So far Schatzie and I have helped to monitor the preparation of the meat dishes, we would have helped dig the potatoes but it was raining when momma went out to do that and there was just no sense in us getting wet too!
Most of the prep work is done now so I am going to take and nap until our guests arrive. Here's what we've got on the menu and a few pictures of the mornings work.

BBQ Menu
Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin
Southwest Style Deer Steak
Roasted potatoes,onions and garlic from our garden
salsa and guacamole (appetizer)
grilled onions (for Lance)
grilled garlic shrimp (appetizer)
and whatever else our friends bring!!

I almost forgot---- Mint chip ice cream cake for dessert

Think it's going be a great bash...more about it tomorrow.

Fresh Salsa--all from the garden

Poppy cutting up the deer.
 Schatzie and I are prepared to help in case of anything jumps off the counter.

I monitored from this side...(notice tail :)

Schatzie had the other side covered.

as you can see I take meat monitoring very seriously.

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