Sunday, August 21

a sunny summer day...

Well the party was a great success. There was lots of fun and good fellowship was had by all. The best part for me (besides all the treats) was the KIDS. Yes, you can see by the photo, I was the hit of the party. There was playing, snuggling and my favorite, belly rubs, I was in heaven.
This morning me and Schatzie gave poppy our gift...he got one bag of puppy cookies and a bag of licorice. Momma said we had to give him the puppy cookies so he could share those with us and not the licorice. Momma is a party pooper. I really like licorice :(
This afternoon we did our usual froggin and got all muddy then momma took us to a walk about the ranch. Oh my nose was in heaven, so many smells and areas to explore I never get tired of doing our walk abouts. The only thing I don't like is we ALWAYS have to have a bath after our playtime/adventures :(
 Momma had her camera and captured a few shots of us. So enjoy...

My friends..Hannah, Hank, Ava and Shaylee--thanks for all the lovin!

Poppy opening his birthday gifts from Schatzie and me.

I needed a little morning nap!

Schatzie watching  for frogs

Momma said, "who wants to go for a walk about?"
I was so happy.

Sometimes we just like to sit and enjoy the view.

Where's Gracie??!?!?!

"Here I am, I was just checking on the bean crop, and it's looking good"

It's great to be a dog on this ranch...
Momma says she'll post her "shot of the week" tomorrow, till then...


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