Friday, July 1

condo update and other news....

As promised, here are a couple pictures of the dogs new condo. We painted it today and placed the partitions, we are now working on the front porch....yes, you read correctly, a front porch. If I believed in reincarnation, I sure would want to come back as my own dog. Seriously, can you believe this dog house!! :)

In other news, I finally was able to photograph the oriole that has been here all spring. I have placed 2 feeders to encourage them stay around. I just haven't been in the right place at the right time with the camera until today. As we were working on the condo in the garage I stepped out to get some air and found the oriole in the dogs water bowl. I had just changed the water so it was nice and cool. The bird had found a moth in the water and then decided to take a dip! So excited to finally get a shot. Good thing I had the camera in the garage.

The other news comes from the garden....I dug my 1st new potatoes and boy were they yummy!! Can't beat new potatoes and  lettuce from the garden and grilled pork, chicken and salmon for dinner. Tomorrow we shall pick the peas. Til then....

the partitions in place...yes, you are seeing color!!

The condo without the "porch"

Finally, got a shot of this bird

a little privacy please....I need to take a bath!! 

splish splash in the dog water

oh that was good

taters and lettuce

me in the garden with the goods!!

taters ready for the grill

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