Thursday, June 30

Lunch with Lance...

We enjoyed  a great lunch with Lance today. He has wanted us to come over and see a  little Killdeer that has made her nest right in the middle of the driveway. Now this is one crazy bird, doesn't she know there are 3 cats and 2 dogs that could easily destroy her little family in a heartbeat?!?!?  She has 4 eggs and with a little luck they will hatch in 24-28 days.
Lance also has a funny little wiener dog named "Dash" this little dog put on a swimming show for us, as you will see in the photos.   As usual, I wandered around snapping photos, so enjoy!
Tomorrow I will update you on the dog condo. Stay cool.......

Mrs. Killdeer

her 4 little eggs

sitting on her eggs

Lance's windcharger

some of Julie's pretty lilies

Here's DASH


Go Dash Go!!


One of Shaylee's trees

one pooped power pup

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  1. Love your header photo and of course this blogpost's too!! Wonderful!


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