Saturday, February 26

A surprise visit to Molokai Ohana by Ron...

Aloha....I had  orginally planned to share some photos from my trip to Minnesota today until I received this great photo of Ron, Barbara and Justin. They had no idea Ron was dropping by--oh, I love surprises. Ron made a quick weekend trip to visit friends on Molokai since he is working on Maui for a couple more weeks.

Barbara and Justin are some very special people that became part of our Molokai family. I met Barbara and Justin while walking my girlz to the Kalaupapa Lookout every morning. During those walks we solved all the worlds problems, had lots of laughs and even a few tears. They also had a beautiful dog named Annie.
Surprise... photo by Julie

pretty girl Annie

our meeting place for the morning walk
In our book, a Molokai visit would not be complete without a visit with Barbara and Justin....wonder what kind of wine they enjoyed last night?????   :)
Thanks to Julie for taking and sharing the great group photo....

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