Friday, February 25

I'll take a "Mulligan" please...

Ever had one of those days you wish you could just take a mulligan?? Yesterday was one of those days. On Wednesday night I had difficulty getting the wood stove going. In fact, I had smoke bellowing out of the stove pipe inside the house. Not a good thing since the chief wood stove operator (Ron) is out of town for a couple more weeks.  I ran around checking for fire and signs of other problems. Fortunately, no fire...but it scared me to death. Now I figured I needed to clean out the stove and possibly the stove pipe, but can't do that while it's hot. Ron was going to do this before he left for Maui, but he had to deal with a frozen sewer line instead!!  Anyhow, I had to wait til Thursday morning to clean the stove once it was cool. Cleaning the stove is one dirty job and I must have looked like a "Chimney Sweep"--sorry no photos!! Once the inside of the stove was cleaned I had to vacuum up the debris around the front of the stove. Got the vacuum out and it didn't seem to be working properly, so I took it apart and found that the vacuum bag had broke and now I had a huge mess all over the carpet. to find the new bags and get that vacuum back together. In doing that I didn't realize that I didn't get all the soot off my hands from cleaning the stove and placed them down on the carpet...yes, now I have handprints on the carpet that don't come up with a good vacuuming. So out came the carpet cleaner... Mind you all of this is happening before 6:30 a.m. and I have to be to leave for work at 8 a.m. The dogs need to be fed, walked, I need a shower and so on. Good grief what else can happen?
I really was feeling defeated and somewhat sorry for myself. Then the song  "This is the stuff" by Francesca Ballistelli, popped into my head.  The chorus goes like this:  "This is the stuff that drives me crazy, this is the stuff that's getting to me lately. In the middle of my little mess, I forget how BIG I'm blessed." So I picked myself up(dirty hands and all) and thanked God for my little mess and thought yes, I am blessed.....interesting how God's perfect timing was at work again. He knew I needed a different perspective on my "catastrophe".
Fast forward, the stove is in working order again, the soot prints came out of the carpet and yes, the vacuum cleaner is working again. My little world is back to normal!!
So, I guess I'll save my "Mulligan" for now.  I, will however, be very happy when the "chief wood stove operator" is back and doing his job!!
Til next time....

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