Monday, January 16

The Making of a Whaling Wall.... Day #1

Warning...Lots of photos!!

Wyland, a world renowned marine wildlife artist has been here on Kauai for the past few days to recreate his original Whaling Wall on the old Longs Drug Building.  The original mural had suffered dry rot and needed to be replaced. Wyland offered his time and talent for free to update the wall. 

I watched in awe as the wall came to life.  The famous NaPali Coast and a full moon in the back ground,  a Humpback Whale mom and calf take center stage in his newest creation.  Chances are if you've seen a whale or other marine life on a large canvas (ie: side of a building) its probably Wyland's work.

working on the Na Pali's coming

Wyland taking a much deserved break

the 'ghosting in" of our humpback

and the calf

always chatting with the crowd

more paint

once he set the eyes, the animal came alive

the artist's palette

end of day one

some final touches on the whales

a couple hours into day 2.
More photos tomorrow as Wyland adds to his masterpiece.

Blessings, Val


  1. Love it, but you are making me want to come visit and see this mural in person! Not this year though, but possibly next.
    Sending winter hugs your way and wishing I was enjoying the warm sunshine.

  2. It's one thing to have a vision for something like this but to actually do it seems so impossible! We went to see the Prince mural last summer. Also amazing. It makes walls look better for sure.

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  5. Sending winter hugs your way and wishing I was enjoying the warm sunshine.

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