Wednesday, November 23

It's not always sunny...

Today was a not so sunny, rainy, windy and frankly just a gloomy day at the beach.  It's fall/winter on the Hawaiian Islands and we're experiencing some "winter" type weather. I hadn't been to the beach for nearly 2 weeks and was in desperate need of a beach fix.  Even with the gray weather I had a beautiful day in God's creation--making lemonade from lemons.

My first seal find of the day...R1KT

an albatross....Pip and Cheerio's parents have not arrived yet.

The seals are a bit more active when it's "cooler"

This is R337 and T325 -- adult female seals that spent well over an hour playing together on shore and in the water.
 Fun to watch as most of the time we observe sleeping/resting seals.

lots of nudging and poking at each other

This just made me giggle

Monk Seal version of say "uncle"

it was just fun to watch their interaction.

This guy was hidden under a bush and was difficult to ID, put with my camera zoom I did it without
the seal even knowing I was anywhere nearby.

Frigate Bird or Iwa, which in Hawaiian means thief.

One of the albatross that has returned to mate and raise a young one.

Love to watch them soar

more soaring

So it wasn't your typical sunshiny Hawaiian Day but, I enjoyed every minute of my time at the beach
and maybe next time I'll see some whales.


  1. Not always sunny but always beautiful!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Beautiful creatures. Sunshine isn't everything!


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