Tuesday, October 11

Citizen Scientists and a Reality Show...

Yesterday was Monk Seal Monday. My seal pal Julie from Ohio joined me for my Monday trek to a nearby beach. Needless to say when you get a couple of seal pals together there's going to be some laughter and a whole lot of fun.  Yesterday was no exception.

We hiked down a newly blazed trail in the rain to trudge to the far end of our trekking area to find a sleeping seal and a honu (turtle)  This kind of find makes for happy Citizen Scientists. We spent a few minutes identifying the animal, it didn't take long, cause we're just that good.

We spent some time picking up marine debris. This pile is due to the efforts of Julie and me during the past few weeks. I felt accomplished as I was finally able to retrieve the final bundle of rope and net that has been in this area for over 2 years. 

photo credit J.H

As we were making our way back to the car, we came upon a film crew. Actually this is the 2nd day I have seen this crew.  It's a film crew from the Science Channel/Discovery Channel.  They are here filming a new reality show that may be called  "Scientist Survivor"  Catchy title eh??  Julie told them as we walked thru the "set" that she was ready for her photo shoot. We laughed, them... not so much!!  We watched as they filmed the "survivor" hopping  over the rocks. Little did this "scientist" know that 10 feet to his left was a perfectly good trail he could use and avoid that rock hopping. However, I guess that won't make for good TV. 

After one final look at the crew we turned and walked away giggling like school girls. 10 yards down the trail we found a paint brush, cause we're always picking up rubbish, we grabbed up. It was brand new and just knew it had to belong to the film crew. We walked back and returned it to the production team. They thanked us and told us that we just saved them from having to fill out a L&D form and $25 for a replacement brush; L&D is movie talk for lost or damaged!!  Later Julie and I went to a local hardware store and found the same brush for a mere $6.  No wonder going to the movies is so expensive. 

We will look forward to seeing this amazing reality show come January 2017 and will probably chuckle a bit when we see the rock hopping scene!! 

Just a few more days till Julie heads back to the mainland, she will be missed and I will look forward to her return next year. So, seal pal Julie...A Hui Hou and thanks for the laughs.


  1. She looks like a fun seal pal
    Lily & Edward

  2. Hi there Val, I loved hearing about your trek and also that you got to spend time with a seal loving friend. The weather looks perfect! Have a great week.

  3. Love the story.....Does the reality show know about monk seals? Is it even on their radar?

  4. That sounds like the best way to spend the day! Doing something fun and impawtent with a friend!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Reality TV really isn't very real. Mom was in a home buyer TV show a few years ago, and it is all staged.


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