Saturday, September 24

Shiny and New...

I always enjoy my Monk Seal Survey days. It's allows me time to clear my head, thank the Lord for all my blessings and watch nature at its finest. Yesterday was a survey day, as the regular volunteer for this area is away.  I plodded thru the deep sand in hopes of finding any sort of gem. Yesterday I observed 4 seals, two of which I told you about in a recent post (our molting seals RK28 and RF30)  They are all shiny and  look like brand spanking new except for the scars.  Anyhow, they will probably spend a couple more days on the beach resting and then hit the open sea in search of food.   I did find another pair  R8HY (male)  and RK14( female)  R8HY is looking for love and RK14 is ready to rest after weaning her pup and a molt is in the near future for her.

RK14 catching some zzz's

R8HY--got girls on his mind

RK14 and R8HY doing a little synchronized napping

RF30 looking spiffy in her new coat

RK28  showing off her new coat as well.

marine float :(  I was able to remove it from the beach later in the day. Seal was NOT disturbed!!

3 of the 7 floats I collected
I spent about 30 minutes picking up more marine debris, collected a large garbage bag full along with 7 marine floats. It sure seems like a lot of junk, but it's just a drop in the bucket. However, at least it's off the beach.  My plea today is, if you see some garbage on your walk, run or adventures, please stop and pick up at least 3 pieces and dispose of it properly--our children and wildlife deserve a clean world.

Enjoy your world,



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