Sunday, September 18

Long Live the Beach...

Yesterday was International Coastal Clean-up Day. I spent the morning with Kauai Surfrider Members and other volunteers to clean up two eastside Kauai beaches known as Kitchens and Nukoli`i.  Over 2247 lbs. of marine debris was taken off these two beaches in three hours. The debris included all sorts of plastics, beach toys, oyster spacers,  bottles, cans, wrappers and of course net/ropes.  The amount of plastic on the beach is heartbreaking.

Just a portion of the debris removed

I was told that the top 5 debris items found on the beach are: cigarette butts, straws, plastic bottle caps, food wrappers and lighters. I am saddened to say I found all of those yesterday!!

a drop in the bucket, 5 minutes worth of cleanup

As I was walking the beach with my bucket full of debris a tourist stopped me and proceeded to tell me that this beach condition was awful and something needed to be done.  Hmmm....guess he didn't see me bending over and collecting debris.  We all have to do our part, had he just picked up one piece of debris, the beach would  have been one piece cleaner.

You don't have to live near the beach to do a cleanup...look around I bet you can find something.

ugh---the micro plastic

1 of the 3 large nets/ropes that was removed

volunteers working to cut up net into manageable pieces

nets and rope

good job--1/3 of net/rope off the reef

why do we do it??? for the sea life--can you see the start fish??


  1. It is so sad that people do this! Thanks for all of you who worked to undo their careless actions!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. That's just amazing! God bless you for policing the beach.

  3. Thanks for working so hard to keep our world cleaner. We have cleanup days in the forest - and we find different things (few nets) but tons of garbage. I cannot fathom who simply dumps stuff in such beautiful places.


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