Monday, September 12

Enjoy the Moment...

A couple of days ago my hubby stated as we were driving to the beach--"You haven't put anything on your blog for awhile." He's right and my excuse was that without the Girlz  I don't feel like I have any material to blog about. I think it's really more of a matter of a broken heart. As we continued on to the north shore I glanced out the window to see this beautiful sky writing. I wonder if anyone else noticed??

Another Facebook post prodded me in the side this morning. It claimed that the reason your dog is happier than you is because they enjoy the moment. Hmm...Maybe that cloud formation I saw a few days ago while driving home from work that looked just like my Gracie was trying to tell me something. It's time to enjoy and share the MOMENTS again.



  1. Hi sweetie, I'm glad you are back, but understand how hard it is. It's hard at times to blog, regardless of the grief one is or isn't carrying. Thinking of Kauai, sending big hugs your way.

  2. Broken hearts need time to heal, but when you're ready your readers will be here waiting :) Just so you know I love all the updates on monk seals and the Aloha life. I'm sure everyone understands that you're grieving your sad sad loss...

  3. As a former commercial airline pilot, I know the contrails are more common this time of year, but I'd like to think it's a message from someone we miss. May you find some comfort in your memories

    Abby Lab's Mom

  4. We are in our second year of mourning our dog Brut and I too find it very difficult to blog. I'm sorry you lost your girlz. Just know you are not alone in your grief.

    24 Paws Crossed for You.

  5. the sky was a beautiful moment and glad you decided to share with us again. we have not seen any of your seals lately and I love to see their sweet faces. my heart hurts for your hurt

  6. It takes a long time to heal. We have problems too some days, but life goes on and one has to enjoy the now as you can never change what already happened.

  7. Doggies are great teachers about living and loving each moment. Are you considering hearing paw steps in the house again? Our pawrents waited 5 years for their hearts to heal but did not realize that they needed some new pawprints to help dilute the sad ones. Me and Stanley did that.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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