Monday, April 18

Liquid sunshine...

  Surrounded by water it's hard to envision that our island is in the midst of a drought. 
 It rained most of the weekend--giving us Liquid Sunshine!! 
Waves  and gray skies
Raindrops on windshields

Right before the rain began... a glimmer of sunlight

A rainy Hanalei Valley

Looking west  from the Hanalei Overlook

Charging those waves...rain doesn't stop him.

fence tangles

Soggy taro field

The infamous Hanalei Bridge

A calm Hanalei River
 Liquid Sunshine means waterfalls and rainbows. 
 Hope your week is full of Sunshine either the dry or liquid variety
(depending on your need :)


  1. And it's still gorgeous
    Lily & Edward

  2. Hawaii and drought just don't go together!

  3. Even your rainy days look beautiful! We FINALLY have had some much-needed rain. It's been great!


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