Wednesday, February 10

Here's Pip....

This was Pip last Friday....pipping his/her way out of the egg

Another monk seal survey today would let me find 2 seals, 2 turtles and a look at our new albatross chicks. While at the albatross nesting site I chatted with my friend Carl. He was the first to see Sid's (last years albatross chick) sibling last friday. I told Carl he should name that chick since he was the first to observe the little ball of fuzz. So he did and I can announce the chick will be called Cheerio!!! Is that not the greatest name!!  I watched the 2 pairs for a long period of time today, Pip's parent was very accommodating and allowed me several shots of the 3 day old chick, even let me observe a feeding session.  Cheerios parent wasn't so cooperative....only a quick glimpse before the adult plopped down on the chick--no picture.
So enjoy todays photos--I'll be back out there Friday.

the adult would chatter at the egg and would try and speed up the hatching process.
this photo was taken last friday
Air, air I need air!!!

little grey fuzz ball


hey, I'm hungry

if you look very closely, there is a gold colored liquid string hanging from the adult--
that's a protein packed lunch for this little one.

Seconds please!!!

Sorry... viewing hours for Cheerio are over, you'll have to come back on Friday!!
 ***Please note: a zoom lens was used to capture these photos, the parent and chick were not disturbed during my visit.


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